Friday, November 27, 2009

oh hold me like you mean it, like you miss me.

hello Blog. I missed you.

i'll make kwento RANDOM things so don't expect and exact date in every 'chika'. :)

I survived this day. It was a blur.
I wasn't really expecting na maba-badtrip ako kay sis.
Very rare eh?
While walking to jeepney station, I thought of random things I'll do as a revenge.
Tapos nung sa school na, I promised myself to avoid her and ignore her forever.
Will I survive that?
Certainly not. She came up to the front door of our classroom.
With the newest addition to her list of boyfriends, Edgardo.
OhMy. I gave her her tickets. And I wasn't sure if I'll go or stay.
My promise to myself broke. I stayed with them.
Lucky me that she talked to me instead of her boyfriend.
Nag-walk out tuloy siya.
Then laughter came, and i forgot all the pain she caused me that particular morning.
Maybe I just can't help but to forgive her to a sin she didn't really mean to do.

[[ The thoughts I was thinking? Here. I want to spill.
1st. I will ignore you at school and until forever.
2nd. Who was with you when no one else was? Me. And now you're forgetting me? Who will be there when HE is gone?
3rd. When it's MY turn to have a boyfriend, and luckily you don't have any, I'll do those things you've done to me to you. So that, you know how it feels.
So, uhm, yeah. Those are few. I have many but can't remember it by now. ]]

Another thing that annoys me is that when somebody is ignoring me to the fact that i don't know why.
This bugs me to hell. And my seatmate is doing this to me. WTF.
So, I really don't know why she ignores me. She was saying something the other day about last friday.
Dang! I can't remember it anyways so what's the point of saying?
And then the next day she started ignoring me.
The Hell! So for 2 consecutive days my school days are so much quiet.
I prefer to read Eclipse. This was my newest addiction.
After watching The Twilight Saga: New Moon in cinemas, I felt the urge to read Eclipse again.
After Eclipse, I'll read Breaking Dawn next.
And loving Edward Cullen more and more each day is a sin. :))

WTF. This happened before going home from school.
It was at our classroom while I'm waiting for my sis to get out of hers.
So, uhm, I have this thought that J has a crush on A. Or maybe he was just tripping or something.
And then, POOF! It became Koko Krunch. HAHA. jk.
Here it is. They kissed. And wtf. It was on the lips.
Gaaaaahd. I thought A would be angry with J because, on what I know, she has a boyfriend.
I never thought that they would do that.

Is this too long? Sorry but I miss this. :)
I've got to say bye-bye.

BTW, we'll be watching Baler tomorrow.
Bonding time with my sis! Yay.
It's her minus her boyfriend plus me equals US. :)
Love it!

Bye blog.
See you next time.
* started as a crush. and ended up meaning everything in the world. *

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