Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday update.

No classes due to President Noynoy's inauguration. ;) And Eclipse is showing
na! Anyways, here's the past 2 days.

10th day // June 28, 2010
Everything this day is goooooooooood. :) Can't remember much about this. Ugh. Sarreh. This day went better when I got home! :D Chat with Marc. :)


11th day // June 29, 2010
This is the most unlikeable-slash-likeable day. Super! Gaaaaah. NS 104A was.... cold? Haha. It's basically because we room-ed at TYK MMR3B. Ugh. It was so cold. But fun. :) After NS 104A, we went back to Eng. Bldg. but, our new prof in English, Ms. Something (I can't remember her surname), said that she wouldn't be our professor. Yaay! So much for making such hard sentences for her assignment. Hahaha. Well, of course, no prof = noise. We sat on the place near the window. Basta dun. May elevated place kasi near the window. So there. Took a lot of pictures. :) Then went outside to buy some food with Karl, Dowy, Louisse and Cy. :) Bought fries at Potato Corner. Oh my. So pricey. 25 pesos. OHGAHD. OVERPRICE MUCH?

That's the size. See. Picture pa lang yan, pano pa pag real deal na? Gash. Then went upstairs, change outfit to P.E uniform. :) Took pictures again. We all got shocked when Dr. Padilla came. He's our temporary NS 105 professor. :( Too bad. He's so good and we like him na. After NS105 is P.E. No P.E!!! :D Yeaaaaa. So we went out na.

Went to Ministop to treat Carlo an ice cream (cause he won our pustahan - kung may P.E or wala). Too bad it isn't available that day. Then went to a starbucks-like-coffe-shop. Quite pricey. Treated Rhone a 45 peso Vanilla-echos. Gah. Can't remember the name. Then went to Tapsilogan ni Mama Leng. :)) They ate, I didn't. Took some pictures. Afterwards, we left the karinderya. ** I should've gone home!!! ** Went to 7eleven MCU. Gah. May inuman kase. Rhone, Dowy and I went but we don't drink things like those. The others came. Yung mga pasimuno. Then went to a club-slash-bar. I don't know what to call it. I don't want to go inside. But they insisted. Karl was pushing me and I didn't liked it. Really. It was so loud inside. The music bangs to your ears. Party music to be exact. So dark inside too. I didn't thought that we will be going to a place like that. I thought we're going to a house or something. But really, really not like that. Then they ordered drinks and puff some cigarettes. Even the three girls who are my classmates. Gosh. I can't believe it. I thought they're not like that. I just shut my mouth so I can't say nasty words. I really want to leave immediately. Rhone left first, personal reasons. Then me. Went home immediately. Naabutan pa ng ulan. Nag-unli sa TnT. Para magpaalam sa mga katext doon. At home, no electicity!!! :((( At 6pm it came back. ;) Then chat with Marc. :]

That's it. Going to watch Eclipse on Saturday!!! :D

Friday, June 25, 2010

Three-in-one :)

Haven't blogged for 3 straight days. Ohmy. I barely remember Wednesday and Thursday. Anyway, I'll try my best-est. :))))

7th day // June 23, 2010
Yey. Everything's fine except PSY101. Change in professor. The first one who attended us was an old lady. But this day? Gaaah! Our professor was a cute-slash-gwapo guy. He's so handsome, but at the same time so strict. Lahat kami naiinis sa kanya. Well, actually for me, he's quite good. But he's so perfectionist. For example, a small talking with another classmate/seatmate, he'll call your attention and embarrass you in front of everyone. >:| grr. So, after that, nothing so exciting happened. :)


8th day // June 24, 2010
Thursday is really good for me. Or Tuesday. :) Because we have EN111. Yenooow, I loooooooove English. So I patiently waited for English to come. Then English came. But. . . . WTFck. Why she isn't Ms. Orlina? GAAAAAAAAAH. Another changed professor. :( But she's fine. Except for the can't-hear-so-much-at-the-back-voice and her always-seating thing. Anyway, I still love English. :) NS 105 is effin' great! Hahaha. No classes. Just took a short quiz then dismissed! Then PEN2B3. Gah. So tamad pumasok. Sat with Eeiah, Joyce, Ian, Mich, Dowy, Rhone, Joullan, Aub, Ethel, Jillian and Lea at the Elementary canteen. Hahaha. Had fun! :) Then went to the GYM at past 1:30p. Hahaha. Then prof came and told us that we have to buy the P.E. Uniform. Yes, we went to P.E. in improper uniform. :)))) And, DUH?!!?!?!?! Wala kayang nagbebenta. >:P then went home immediately. :)


9th day // June 25, 2010
Fridaaaaaaaaay. :) TGIFTGIFTGIF! Wahahaha. Orientation today. Well, at MPH (Multi-Purpose Hall), we just took pictures all the way! Hahaha. Sat with Jillian on right and Reymart on left. He's so tahimik. Errr. Orientation finished at 11 something I think. Then went inside room. We're just 25-30 on my estimate. So many ang nag-cutting. Gah! PSY101 is fine. Though Kuya Thomas and Ian were scolded a bit. Then HRM101 was effin' great! Sabi nga namin kanina "Mas okay pag konti!". And it really was. :) So happy. Then went to some place where you can buy things from UE. IDK what it wsa cold. Near the Engineering Extension. Took pictures! Had fun with Mich, Dowy, Addy, Cyrus, Karl, Rhone and Joullan. ;) Walk at the field! Yay! Took pictures again. With the same people of course. On our way out, we passed Aub, Jillian, Lea and Ethel. They're buying P.E.. I want to buy na, but the size available is just large! Ughhh. Then took pictures again. After a while, Dowy said her wallet was lost. So we went back on our classroom and on MPH. And we found. . . nothing. :( Then outside MPH, we checked her bag again and, there it is! GAAAAAAAAH. You just made me pagod. :) HAHAHAHA. JK, I love you Dowy. :) Went down and then saw Kuya Bon, Mark, Karl and Reymart(?) I think. Hahaha. :))))) Then went out na. Went to MiniStop cause Dowy is gonna buy ice cream. When we got out, we saw Rhone. On jeep with Rhone and Karl. :) Then got home and uploaded the pics.

That's my three-day blog in one. Sarreh naman. I didn't remember eh.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

:) ♥

Yeaaa. Actually, I don't have anythaaaaaaang to say. But I'll do my best to have. :))))))

5th day // June 21, 2010
It's Owen's birthdaaaaaaaay. But I didn't greet him. :P Hahahaha. So nothing so exciting happened this day. It's fun and so lamig as usual! And we went to library pala. So happy cause it's on the sixth floor of TYK Bldg. :) Then made pa-recopy with Joullan, Rhone, Arianna, Ian, Dowy, Mich, Ethel, Jillian and Aubrey. Yah. Kaming six na girls ang laging magkakasama. After magpa-recopy, we went to VM. Just Dowy, Mich, Aub, Ethel and me. Dowy and I just went to National Book Store cause I'm gonna buy refill for my G-Tech. :) Then after that, went home and did some writing.


6th day // June 22, 2010
Yey. So good this day. Nothing so exciting happened. :) But I bought the Eclipse Special of Candy Mag worth 150pesos. Gah! But worth it! I have a poster and a pin!! But I want to have the TEAM EDWARD pin. Too bad. Wala e. Got to settle for Team Jacob :x pin. And that did it. Got home and started pc-ing. :P


Friday, June 18, 2010

The past two days..

Hello! Here I am again! Blogging :) It's Friday and I don't have classes tomorrow. Thank God. My feet hurts a loooooooot. Ef-Yu
paltos. Ef-Yu much. :P

Anyway, as promised, I'll kwento what happened in the past two days (Thursday & Friday). So, here it is.

3rd day // June 17, 2010
Um, I went to school wearing civilian cause my feet hurts a lot talaga. I left home at 8am. :) Good girl meh. :P Then I went inside Ministop and bought waterrrrrrr. Then I saw Mary Joyce and I sat beside her. :) Of course! Hindi kami nag-usap. Di pa kami ganun ka-mag-kakilala or close. :))))) Ngitian pa lang alam namin. Then Eeiah came and Jholan (I think that's how he spells his name). Then a lot of classmates came in, yung iba nasa labas pa. :))) So ayun, later that we went outside na. Then waited for Jillian to came. So tagal! :))) We're almost late. But they're friends of course. The prof came in after a few minutes I'm inside the classroom. The seating arrangement changed at NS 104A. Seatmate is Karl and .... Ugh! Can't remember her name. :))))))) So that. Nothing so exciting happened. Oh! On PEN 2B3, I saw L.A. Abad and Kim Diaz. :] IT students! Then Carlo also. Oh! I also saw, Alyssa Gerolaga and Jeric Pernitez. :)


4th day // June 18, 2010
It's a good daaaaay. :] Want to have breakfast but I don't think I can make it. So I didn't eat again. What's the difference right? :))))) Went out at almost 8am and went to Ministop again. Aubrey and Clarissa so I stayed with them and decided not to sit with Eeiah and the others. There are so maaaaaaany of 'em. We went out when Mitch came then waited for Jillian and Dowy. Jillian came but Dowy didn't so we went in na. Typical day. Last subject Mitch, Clarissa, Jillian, and Aubrey went out. Cutting agad. DX Then went home and slept. :)

That's basically my fourth and third day. We're quite close na. :) And I'm so happy with that. And my paltos doesn't hurt so much na. Anyway, I'm outta blogger. :) Need to eat some. It's PBB na, which means it's already past 10pm. And I haven't had dinner. :))))))


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1st day and 2nd day of classes.

Hello! Imma
kwento about the first 2 days of my college life.

1st day // June 15, 2010
Well, I'm pretty much excited this day. I woke up 6.30am. Went out with brother and cousin. :] Then at school, there's a looooooooooooot of people. Ohmygosh. When I came to the building, I began searching for Room 308. But my room is 305. WTFWTFWTFWTF. I went in and I accidentally didn't took the first subject - NS 104A. Gaaah!! I talked to the professor - I keep on saying teacher XD - and told her what happened. Good thing she's so kind and told me to be there at Thursday (which is tomorrow) at 9am. Pretty much boring throughout the day. :] PE was f-ing hot. Saw Carlo too. :] Rawrr. Went home early cause the Badminton professor wasn't around pa daw. But he instructed us to list down the names and student numbers. After that, I went home and cooked yema. Yumm!!


2nd day // June 16, 2010
Almost late! Woke up @ 5am then slept again. Woke up 7am na!!!!! WTFWTFWTFWTF. Gaaah. Super madali na ako.. 8am I'm at UE na. Went to Third Floor, Engineering Building, Room 305. And I said, "Fck!". Because no one was there. A student told me that they went out. Then Gianne (idk if that's the correct spelling; Edit) came. We went in and waited for others to come. Then we had 1st subject. The next 2 subjects? No professor. Ugh! Lazy much? We just laughed and laughed because Carlo was joking all the time! Then when they're planning to go out (kasi walang prof nga), a teacher came in and they immediately took a seat. We all laughed!! :))))))) Hahahahah. HRM 101 was fine. After that, we're dismissed. Went down with Dowy. :] We passed the HRM Bldg. I think? Hahahaha. We saw where we will cook someday. :] Then went outside alone cause Dowy is waiting for someone. Then he texted me, but ftw! I can't go lakwatsa. :( Sorry. But July 3. Promise. Hahahaha. Should've waited a few minutes more! :[[ Then went home. And now blogging. :))

Anyways, everything was surely fine. Except for my feet. I have plenty paltos. :((((( So sad. It hurts a lot. Anyway, it's another day again tomorrow. And I'm planning to blog every two days. :)
Well, I'm outta here. :] Need to buy some things pa. Pero I'll buy later at 3pm pa. :)


*Edit: Her name was Jillian pala. Not Gianne. Tanga much.

Monday, June 14, 2010

It's Tuesday tomorrow!

Yes. At pasukan na din bukas. And I think I'm ready na. Yeeeeeees. I've been waiting for this day since, the day I enrolled. Hahahaha.

Anyways, the past few days is average. Nothing so exciting happened. So I don't have anything to kwento.

Oh! BTW, My brother and I is going out laturr. :] With Essang, Jhelene, Mikee, Grace and I don't know who pa. 3pm yeah. So, I'm out. Idk if I can update this again. :( But, I'll try.

Quote of the day:

" It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness." - Tricia Santos

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hello. I'm baaaaaaaaaack !

Hello blog. I missed you.
Well, I'll make kwento about what happened last June 9, 2010.
I woke up at almost 7am. I started PC-ing that time. Tapos nagising si Mommy. Namili na sya nun tas nagluto. 12.15 daw kami aalis.

Nung 12.15 na, umalis na nga kami. :)))))) Tapos, pumuntang MC (Malabon City Square). Dun daw kasi yung meeting place and it is sooooooooooo mainet. Maya-maya dumating na yung car na sasakyan namin tapos pumunta na kami dun sa may Smokey Mountain.

Super siksikan yung bahay. Tapos ang cute nung pader nila. May paint/drawings sya. In short art. I didn't took a picture of it but I remember the quotation that was there. It says, "Music is the bridge between Heaven and Earth". Nice right? Well, going back to the outreach. Nilabas na yung mga gamit na i-pa-pack dun sa bag.

And that's some. Meron pang envelope tapos chuchu. Basta marami. Tapos, mga 3pm nag-start na ng bigayan ng School Supplies sa mga kids Grade 1 and Kinder. Oh my, I took a picture on every kid. And this girl is the prettiest of those who's given the help.

Gahd. Look at her skin. She's so maputeeeeeee!!! Ohmy. Tapos mga 5pm or 6pm na ata kami natapos. Kumain kami then almost 12am na umuwi! :]

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hello! KBye.

Ok. I'll post again tomorrow. I think I should sleep now. May lakad pa bukas.
Love you blog

College Schedule First Sem

Schedule ko. Ngayon lang nagkaroon sa site. :)
WTFWTFWTFWTF. PE is Badminton! Sa dinami-dami ba naman oh!!! GRRR!!!

Good Morning! Time check: 4.51a

WTF. 24hours na naman ako natulog. Oha. Well, update lang ito. At hindi ako nakapunta ng Caloocan HS. Tae talaga. Nanonood lang kami ng Naruto Shippuden ngayon. BBL!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shop for School.

Hello there blooooooog. :]
Well, here are the things we bought hours ago. Here's the list. Well, actually these are just the things which was bought for me.

1st. School Shoes from Rusty Lopez -- P1, 500.00

2nd. Cattleya Fillers -- P108.00

3rd. Stockings -- P79.00

4th. IN2IT Waterproof Gel Eyeliner - P372.00
(Credits to SweetSurrender for the pictures of the Eyeliner)

And, that's all. Thanks for reading and I have to sleep na. I'll go to Caloocan HS pa pala bukas. I mean, mamaya. :D Toodles! Later na lang ulit.

Hello Blog.

Oh gosh I missed you blog like hell! I haven't visited you since the last 4 months!
So, summer is soon to be over! DANG right? I'll be busy again but I promise to visit you again.

Well, everything's doing well. I'm really really excited for college. :) June 15 is the day. I'll be studying at University of the East. Course? Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Yes, I'll settle on this course though I like it a lot. But not as I love Culinary Arts. Well, sorry me. We're poor.

Anyway, that's all. I'll post again later. :]