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Hi. Um, I just want to let you guys know more about me. :)

Uhh, okay, I've been living in the same place since I was born last November 1, 1994. The house was renovated (it has three floors now) but still, it's in the same place.

I was smart. Yes, was. Or became intimidated by my past classmates. I was enrolled in a private school for my nursery level when I was 3. Mom said I can speak English by that time (see? Told you I was smart. Mehehe.). I was proclaimed as the first honor in our class (we were three in class). And that was my first achievement. The second one happened on the same day, the graduation day. I sang in front of the students (nursery, kindergarten, preparatory), parents and teachers. I was pretty brave and confident that time. Then kindergarten came and I was transferred to a public school but still, I was awarded as the first honor! Mind you, we were 30-40 in class. :) Smart kid.

First grade was....fine. I met my first bestfriend whom I talk to rarely these days and I was given the award of the fourth honor. I kind of lost my smartness by then. Or I just became lazy. But still, I competed on a spelling contest (I love the English subject) and as far as I can remember, I won 2nd place. :) From 2nd grade to 6th grade I was nowhere in the Top 10 students. I don't know what happened but our consistent first honor became our Valedictorian so..... yeah. High school was a fresh start though I never received a medal. But I excelled on my last year in high school. i was the Top 8 :) THAT'S AN ACHIEVEMENT.

College was way even a fresh start. I enrolled in University of the East - Caloocan, the only university which I took the entrance exam. I'm taking up Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management and now on my Third year (1st semester). My grades are pretty good actually. No failed grades (5.00) but I got a pasang-awa grade of 3.00 in English II. Ask my blockmates that time and ask them about our professor. The professor wasn't good at all! Enough of the educational background.

As you've read up there I sang in front of a crowd. I did that in my first year high school days too. It was my cousin's debut and she asked me if I can sing and I did. I WAS SO NERVOUS THAT TIME. And still now if I'll sing in front of many people. But, yeah, I love singing. I grew up with singing (and music). And someday, if God lets me, I'll be famous. Like, One Direction famous! A girl can dream, right?

I'm obsessed with hair colors. I even dyed my hair (whole hair) red once. And will do again. I'm fascinated on how people is not afraid to change their hair colors to unusual ones. I love reading books. You can donate books to me. I love taking pictures and editing some. I love...eating. Wait, who doesn't? x) I love movies. I love One Direction. I'm inlove with Zayn Malik. :"> I love and idolize Philippine Azkals.

That's it, I guess? Hahaha. When I think of something again, I'll add it here, okay? Thanks for reading! :D

- Rachel xx

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