Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Hello blog.

Merry Christmas!

A Christmas with my daddy is waaaaay to different in some ways.
Anyways, I'll tell you about our Noche Buena last night/hours ago.

We we're starving, especially me. I didn't eat dinner eh.
Yet, I insisted not to eat while it isn't midnight.
DANG. We ate at maybe 11:50P
DAMMiT! So much for trying hard to resist the del-i-cious food.
We have roasted chicken, spaghetti and buko salad.
I ate spaghetti first. Then chicken.
SO FULL. Ugh. How am I suppose to eat dessert when I'm already full?
WatDa. x[
I skipped dessert. Then computer mania.
Watched movies @ Studio 23.
Judas and Jesus; Cheetah Girls 2.
Slept at 4.45A. (:

Woke up at 11A. :D
Watched Phantom of the Opera and Showtime at the same time.
And then my brother
Fck. It's Christmas! Can they give it a rest?
And we're not going out today.
So much for being happy last night.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Noche Buena (:

Hello people. (:

Christmas Day tomorrow!
DANG! Days are flying so fast.
Ugh. x[
So, uhh. I'll just tell you how my day is so far.
Well, I woke up @ 10.30A I think? HAHA.
We folded dry clothes while my dad is busy buying ingredients for later's celebration.
Noche Buena later!
We/I watched Showtime.

Then we ate lunch.
My dad bought 'buko'.
My mommy and I prepared Buko Salad.
After that? Computer mania AGAIN. ((:
My dad and my brother was out there, buying some Coke for later's sake.

(: I don't have anything to say.
I'll update tomorrow if I have a chance.

Happy Holidays blog. ;)

Party like a

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays.

Hello blog!
I missed you.
Sorry. I've been busy with school stuffs and it's Christmas break na.
I haven't updated this. Ugh.
I think it was last month since I've last updated it.

Well, uh, it's Christmas break now.
2 days before Christmas. And DANG !! it's freakin' cold in here.


my brain isn't working now, sorry.


Happy Holidays to all! :)


Friday, November 27, 2009

oh hold me like you mean it, like you miss me.

hello Blog. I missed you.

i'll make kwento RANDOM things so don't expect and exact date in every 'chika'. :)

I survived this day. It was a blur.
I wasn't really expecting na maba-badtrip ako kay sis.
Very rare eh?
While walking to jeepney station, I thought of random things I'll do as a revenge.
Tapos nung sa school na, I promised myself to avoid her and ignore her forever.
Will I survive that?
Certainly not. She came up to the front door of our classroom.
With the newest addition to her list of boyfriends, Edgardo.
OhMy. I gave her her tickets. And I wasn't sure if I'll go or stay.
My promise to myself broke. I stayed with them.
Lucky me that she talked to me instead of her boyfriend.
Nag-walk out tuloy siya.
Then laughter came, and i forgot all the pain she caused me that particular morning.
Maybe I just can't help but to forgive her to a sin she didn't really mean to do.

[[ The thoughts I was thinking? Here. I want to spill.
1st. I will ignore you at school and until forever.
2nd. Who was with you when no one else was? Me. And now you're forgetting me? Who will be there when HE is gone?
3rd. When it's MY turn to have a boyfriend, and luckily you don't have any, I'll do those things you've done to me to you. So that, you know how it feels.
So, uhm, yeah. Those are few. I have many but can't remember it by now. ]]

Another thing that annoys me is that when somebody is ignoring me to the fact that i don't know why.
This bugs me to hell. And my seatmate is doing this to me. WTF.
So, I really don't know why she ignores me. She was saying something the other day about last friday.
Dang! I can't remember it anyways so what's the point of saying?
And then the next day she started ignoring me.
The Hell! So for 2 consecutive days my school days are so much quiet.
I prefer to read Eclipse. This was my newest addiction.
After watching The Twilight Saga: New Moon in cinemas, I felt the urge to read Eclipse again.
After Eclipse, I'll read Breaking Dawn next.
And loving Edward Cullen more and more each day is a sin. :))

WTF. This happened before going home from school.
It was at our classroom while I'm waiting for my sis to get out of hers.
So, uhm, I have this thought that J has a crush on A. Or maybe he was just tripping or something.
And then, POOF! It became Koko Krunch. HAHA. jk.
Here it is. They kissed. And wtf. It was on the lips.
Gaaaaahd. I thought A would be angry with J because, on what I know, she has a boyfriend.
I never thought that they would do that.

Is this too long? Sorry but I miss this. :)
I've got to say bye-bye.

BTW, we'll be watching Baler tomorrow.
Bonding time with my sis! Yay.
It's her minus her boyfriend plus me equals US. :)
Love it!

Bye blog.
See you next time.
* started as a crush. and ended up meaning everything in the world. *

Thursday, November 19, 2009


happy day?
o ano na? di ko na 'to na-update. :( sorry blog. um, eto. masaya naman. wahahaha. adik, amp! ayuns. MALAPiT NA NEW MOON! haha. actually showing na nga e. nunuod kami sa 20! haha. ka-excite tuloy. hahaha. wala na ko makwento. mukha na akong New Moon. XDD


Monday, November 9, 2009

update x]

OhMayGosh!! Haven't updated this since forever! Grr.

updates. updates.
So uhm, I'm really excited about New Moon. New Moon Mania is ooooooooon! wahaha. I really don't have anything to tell you. I'm just updating this so that SOMEHOW it will be active.

So bye for now.
Btw, my dad's home already. He came last Nov. 1 ;)

bye's !

Sunday, November 1, 2009

happy halloween and happy birthday !

sa wakas! it's the day i've/we've been waiting for! it's my birthday na! Happy Birthday to me. :) omigosh. 15 na ko! waaaaa! hahaha. tumatanda. XD ayun. so far masaya naman. dami nang bumati. pero baka later na ako mag-te-thankyou sa kanila.

so, uhm, later lang andito na si Papa. mga 6pm? haha. pero rewind muna ako kahit di pa nangyayari. di pa nga sure e. di pa kasi sha nagtetext. uhm, so ayun. ang plano pupunta si Dhie dito bukas. sayang si sis. ayts. sha lang tuloy bisita kooo. :( :) <- magulo di ba ? hahaha. eh kasi, sad dahil di makakapunta si sis; happy kasi pupunta si crush. :)) wahahah. wish ko lang talaga pumunta sha ! wii. pupunta din pala akong Araneta Square mamaya para bumili ng cake. at ng ice cream. bwahaha. tas dun ko susunduin si Dhie. awuwu. kaya kailangan ko na din matulog. babay. i'll update later if may time. :)

TODAY'S ADViCE: " Open up new ideas, relationships, experiences. "
LOVE QUOTE OF THE DAY: Love the heart that hurts you, But never hurt the heart that loves you.
LOVE FORTUNE: That new friendship has more than friendly intentions
FORTUNE COOKiE: This is a good time to start something new.

Friday, October 30, 2009

walang pasok.

wahaha. nakakatawa 'to. papasok na ko ee. buti na lang medyo maarte ako ngayon at inayos ko pa yung buhok ko. HAHA. tapos may advisory sa radyo! wat-da-efff. "signal number two na po sa MetroManila". huh? wala namang ulan e. mukang di naman mahangin. adik na naman ang PAGASA. ((:

tapos, ni-contact ko agad si sis. hakhak. tecsan ukol sa signal-number-two-no-classes thing. HAHA! ayos. tapos nun nag-announce na sa tv na walang pasok, so, di na kami pumasok. wtfff. sayang ang Happiness. :)) hahahaha.

well, anyway, otoh* um, mas ok na rin 'to. actually tinatamad talaga akong pumasok ngayon e. harhar. timing naman si Santi−bakit SENTi ang basa nila sa TV? bwahaha. ang arte. tssk.

so ayun, wala akong magawa ngayon. di ko na alam. pinapatulog nga ako e. ayoko nga. di na din naman ako makakatulog. tsk. sigi. update lang. hakhak.

[[ *OTOH = On The Other Hand ]]


guess i always knew inside. i wouldn't have you for a long time.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


i miss him. so much. wala bang free call? aits. namimiss ko na yung boses niya. sana sa 1 makapunta siya. i wish i wish!! hay naku. ayokong mag-blog tungkol sa kanya. di pa oras para dun.

so basically, wala akong magawa kaya eto na lang. soundtrip lang ngayon at di pa naman ako inaantok. si dhie naman wala na kaming mapag-usapan at ubos na din ang alltext ko. :( next time ko na ulit siya matetext. :( tapos ayun. katatapos ko lang design-an si ExtraordinarilyUnpredictable. HAHAHA! ok naman. pero papagandahin ko pa 'to. di ko pa lang alam kung pano. hahaha. :P

umm, sige. nag-update lang ulit ako. bbye na. :)

what can i do to make you love me?
what can i do to make you care?
what can i say to make you feel this?
what can i do to get you there?

you make any lonely day happy.

ayun oh.
hello. kamusta na? update update lang. sa totoo lang tinatamad ako e. pero gusto ko 'tong maging active kaya, yun! mag-a-update ako.

so here it goes.. happy ang school hours kahit bonggang-bonggang nakakatamad. puro test at pag-iisip. medyo nabwisit din pala ako − kay Fam. tsk. kasi naman eh. puro siya "Ang dali ng AP!". tsk. talagang pinagkakalakas-lakas pa. pero wala akong magagawa. ganun siya eh. tapos yun. dapat mag-o-open forum kami. eh sabi nga diretso na. mga adik talaga yung mga classmate ko. ayun. wala ding nangyari. umuwi din kami. kasi naman 11:30 na wala pa din sila. tinamad na din ako eh.
pag-uwi ko.. nanuod ng tv... natulog. ang gara!! kala ko naman ang tagal ko na nakatulog. mga 2 hours pa lang pala yun! hahaha! pagkagising ko kumain na. ayun.. tapos tutugtog daw sila kuya. sabi ko "sama ako aah. wala na man na akong test e." um-OO naman sha. tapos umalis si mama. maya-maya paalis na si kuya. amp. ang lakas mang-badtrip oh! tssssssssk. di ako sinama. baka daw kasi magalit si Mama. sus. ang sabihin mo ayaw mo lang. bwisit ka talaga. minsan na nga lang eh. tsk.

so ayun. katecs ko na lang si dhie. wala talagang magawa e. pag-uwi ni mama, naghugas ng pinggan tapos eto! PC na. heheh. :)

so much for this.
bukas ulit. :P

heaven forbid, well aware of your sins.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

periodic tests ..

waa!! start na ng Periodic Test.. ok naman.. keri naman para sa akin. peste lang talaga yung MAPEH na yun! wala naman kasing tinuturo samin yung teacher namin ee. kaya ayun, hula sa napakaraming tanong na di ko alam! and TAKE NOTE: 60 items na ang PT! argh. ang arte ng bagong principal ee. tsk, tsk.

aix. so ayun. masaya naman. kopyahan sa Filipino kasi naman ang hirap talaga! um, ayun. the rest keri naman. hakhak ! ahm, ayun. actually dapat mag-oopen forum ang SPK ngayun. kaso nga lang mag-do-DotA ang boys. wahehehe. :)) ayun. bukas na lang daw. tsssk. katamad na bukas!

anywaaaaay, sa Sunday birthday ko na! pupunta kaya siya? babatiin nea kaya ako? am! uuwi na din pala si dadii nun. hahaha. amm, un. so far yun pa lang e. tinatamad na din ako.. bukas na lang siguro ulit?

{ Now Playing : I Don't Care by 2NE1 }
^ ang hilig ng 2NE1 sa *eh eh eh eh eh* ((:

will we exist? or will it just be a dream?

Monday, October 26, 2009

am , perstaym .

awu . kamusta naman? first time 'to ahh. hahaha.! umm ,, hello? nakakatuwa naman. hekhek.

ayan. serious na. um, nagrerewrite ako ng notes ngaun. nakakatamad nga e. di ko pa siya makatext, kasi naman ayoko pa mag-all text. hahaha!! umm, geee. mamaya na lang siguro? hakhak. --- 3.06PM
{ Now Playing : Pressure - Paramore }

am ,, nakakatamad. saket na ng kamay cu! hakhak. as of now 3.30PM na. wahahaha. download mode ng Polar Opposites. ahahah. gee. BRB !
{ Now Playing : High School Life - Sopiz }

update lang ulet. 4PM nah! waaa. XDD ayun. sulat mode pa din. di pa ku nkakapag-diary !!! wahahaha. gee. BRB uyet. :)) :P
{ Now Playing : Half Alive - Secondhand Serenade }

OOOH ! i'm back ! dami cu na ngawa.. hekhek. 5.24PM na! am, aun. tapus na cu sa notes sa TLE. tapos nagtetext na cu naun. as usual OLTECS pa dn. :( mahirap lan. hekhek. tapus nunuod ako nan MV ng I Don't Care. hihi. :)

am , un . gee. alis na ku dtu . maybe bukas ulit .bbyes !

if we fall inlove, anywhere with you would be a better place.