Sunday, November 13, 2011

Two-Day-Two-Post Part II: My 11/11/11.

Disclaimer: Late post.
Happened November 11, 2011.

Oh happy birthday Bestfriend!! :D
Woke up at 10:30a and my mom is already shouting like hell. As usual, galit na naman. Aga aga eh. So, I felt like she wouldn't let me go to Hershey's birthday celebration though she agreed last night. I did some chores hoping it would turn down her angry mood, and it did a bit. I was really feeling a bit sleepy and lazy to go but the I wanted to see Hershey and to celebrate this special day with her. :) I'm such a good friend, I know. But then Kirby played a huge part. I wanted to see him. Not because I want to talk about something or anything, its just that, I WANT TO SEE HIM. :)

After a few hours I decided to take a bath and get ready while Mom was out of the house. I was determined to go without Mom knowing but then when I was about to go out of the house, I saw Mom coming in our compound's front gate. Geez. Luck was on me. I wished for it when it was 11:11a. And it did happen! She let me go and I was so happy! I almost forgot my wallet though, thanks to those kids who bragged me for a hair elastic. :))) I texted Kirby to go to UE na. Found out that he's already there waiting. Haha! So I went to Mini Stop to buy water then Kirby came then I texted Nel and Hershey. Ohgreat, only Hershey replied. She said we should meet with Gab and Nel inside the campus. So we went inside and headed to the college lobby. There, we saw Nel, Gab and a guy named Ignacio (who's their classmate way back highschool). Gab didn't want to go yet. He was waiting for Hershey to come. Cause he didn't know we have a small surprise for him! Hahaha!

After a few talks, we decided to go to Liza's house and Hershey was telling me to go there faster. :)) When we came, Ivan was there and Hershey. And Liza of course. Gab blew Hershey's cake. Haha! Then we ate Pizza Hut, which by the way is so delicious despite the fact that it's cold na. Then chicken, which I didn't eat. I was still full by then from Mom's caldereta. We just talked and watched Harry Potter 1 at the same time. :D I really had a great time. Though within 1 1/2 hours I just talked to Nel and Hershey. And a bit to Ivan. Yes, I didn't talk to Kirby that much but sitting there with him by my side completes my once in a hundred years day. :")

The 1 1/2 hour is just talking, watching, and more talking. And teasing. Hahaha! Gab was really funny. He was teasing Nel and Kirby and me. Then he said "Ang saya talaga nating lima no?". He was supposed to exclude Nell out of the group. Then Nel laughed realizing Gab counted wrong. We were seven in the house: Gab, Hershey, Ivan, Kirby, Liza, Nel and Me. And Gab said five, when it should be six (excluding Nel)! So Nel and I started laughing so hard then Hershey realized it too. :))))) Gab was like "Tama naman ah?". Hahahahahaha! And we all laughed at him telling him "Anim dapat!".

At 4:30p I decided to go home (even though I didn't want to go home yet) because Mom was already calling me. They walked with me to the main road and waited for me to get in on a jeepney. Waved my goodbyes to Gab, Hershey and Kirby.

On my home was okay. At home, I immediately turned on the television knowing I'm already few minutes late for the Azkals' U23 Game for SEA Games. And poof! There's a goal already courtesy of #8 Manny Ott! Then Laos scored 2 goals throughout the match but not until the 90th minute. 10 men on the field, 1 player short. #11 Joshua Beloya scored a goal. An equaliser. Score was 2-2. Every Filipino who's watching the game got their hopes high. As high as Mount Everest, or even higher! The Philippines, who already lost 2 games can have a draw! But then, fate ran another course. In the 93rd minute (Yes, added time), Joshua Beloya -the newborn Azkal hero- scored another goal. The whistle was blown and the score was Philippines 3:2 Laos. My heart was jumping with joy, excitement, and SWAG. I was so happy and proud for the Azkals! They won their third game and may have the chance to be on the top 2 or top 1 spot! I'm like a proud mom. :) They did their best and they deserve to win.

Maybe it's Joshua Beloya's lucky day. It's November 11, 2011 or 11/11/11. And Beloya's jersey number is 11. Haha!

Well then, my day turned out to be good. Uh, wait, the BEST. :D With Azkals winning and spending the day with Hershey and Kirby and the others, uh, what more could you wish for in a regular Friday?

So umm, sorry for the long post. Thanks for reading and I'll be back more often I promise! :)
'Till next toym! ^^,

Two-Day-Two-Post Part I: Best Day Ever.

Disclaimer: Late post.
Everything here happened at November 10, 2011.

Early day start. I was supposed to go inside the school with Kirby but due to traffic, it didn't happen. So going to EN312, I saw 1C and 4C peeps. Inside our room, Reika was there talking to AC and the others. So we just talked and talked and talked while it wasn't time yet. Kirby came in a few minutes then AC said "lovelife mo anjan na". Ugh. Her tone was irritating!! Then 10:30a came and a professor came in. Mr. Gillego, Logics and Ethics. Orientation then an assignment was given. :D Early dismissal led to another hour of talking to Marben and Dale. Then Indi came and the talking buddies became larger cause Issa and Alfred joined. :D At 12nn, Statistics professor came in. She checked our RCs then gave an assignment and dismissed us early, again. Went down with AC and then canteen bound with Ivy, AC, Adelle and Jerlee. I excused myself after a few minutes of sitting with them for two reasons: 1) I was going to meet with Hershey and I decided I'll spend the free time and vacant time with her and the others; 2) I'm slowly getting irritated with AC. You don't have to know the reason cause it would be a long discussion.

So I went to the Gazeebo and waited for my company to come. After a few minutes, Nel and Gab came. Then Kirby. Gab and Kirby played PSP while Nel and I talked about random things. Then Gab started joking around. He said that Kirbs should punch Nel :)))) Kasi daw inaagaw daw ako (eh kinakausap lang naman ako). Hahaha! We transferred seats then after a few minutes Hershey came. Oh, Advance Happy Birthday Bestfriend (greetings from yesterday)! And we went to 5th floor then 4th then 5th again to finish Gab's enrollment. We were supposed to go to MISD but then Hershey insisted that I should go with Kirby cause he's doing something about dropping his PE subject (he's supposed to take Physical Fitness but then he took Arnis! :))) And PhyFit is a required PE in our school). So I accompanied him from the Comptroller's office then Cashier then Xerox-an then back to Comptroller's office again. After then we went to Old Aca. Bldg. to reunite with Shey and Gab and Nel but then, Nel wasn't there anymore. After everything about the enrollment of Gab and dropping-subject act of Kirby, we decided to go to EN Bldg. cause oour next class would be started in about half an hour. We just went to EN Library and there I gave Hershey's gift. It's a book I bought for free. Well, it's Buy1Take1 for 99 pesos. :)

She opened it there and then read my long letter for her. Nel came in and read my letter for Hershey too. After 30 minutes of talking to Hershey (and glancing at Kirby from time to time. HAHA!), it's 3pm and Kirby and I need to go. We went outside and some classmates were there. Including Indi, so I went to her and talked like there's no tomorrow. :))) No professor came and the time passed without us (Indi and I) knowing. Ahhh, it's so great to spend time again with Indi. I'm comfy with her. I can talk to her about almost everything (unlike with AC).

We just went inside the room while there's still 20 minutes left I think? Then Mia and Van Dale came in. We just talked and talked until 4:30p. After that we just went down and looked for Shey, Gab and Kirby. They were at MISD so we went there straight. Still talking of course. Hershey reprocessed her RC and they were done when we got there. Then we went down and left Indi at the Gazeebo cause she's waiting for Eli.

TYK Lobby. We just sat there talking and laughing. Haha! That's up until 5:30 when I have to go home na. They just walke me to the gate and we said our goodbyes. :D

At home, I just went to our rooftop and watched the moon while texting with Kirby. :) It was relaxing though it was super cold and I was wearing sando and shorts. Hahahaha! Watched TV and texted throughout the night. When I was about to sleep, I asked my mom if I can go to Hershey's birthday celebration and she said "O sige, bahala ka. Itext mo yan sa Papa mo ah". Then after that I slept, hoping for a good day tomorrow. :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

First day madness.

Well hello First Day! Haha. Kamusta naman. Ang tatamad nang mga professor at wala pumasok kahit isa! I have 2 subjects today and all we did was talk like there's no tomorrow. :)))

Woke up at 9:30a and I immediately went out of bed. I'm excited, ok. Went downstairs and found brother watching Phineas and Ferb. Then he said goodbye and headed upstairs to sleep.

Watched Phineas and Ferb, Scooby Doo and other cartoons. At 10a I was getting ready na. Went out at 12:45p I think. I went to Joyce's house first to meet her and Gia. :) Then fetched AC on our way.

Boo. Everything was a blur. At EN301, woah. I see a lot of familiar faces. Jha, Gennica, Abby, Tin, Naomi, Clara. Then the new guys came inside and poof. Miko was there. And Aries. You have to know that I have a crush on Miko. Whatthe. Small world right?

Had fun though I was expecting a professor to come in and maybe introduce himself/herself. Ugh. Whatthehell. 3 BORING HOURS! And I was expecting Kirby to talk to me but :( and now I'm feeling shit.

Kbyenow. Second day tmr.
Hopefully a professor will be industrious enough.

What happened in Divi?

Goodmorning. Again, I can't sleep. There will be school again later afternoon. And ugh, I hate this feeling of being nervous about first day which will turn to not sleeping throughout the day! ARGHHH!

Change topic. Yesterday, Mommy and I went to Divi to buy stuff and after hours of walking and walking and more walking..we bough 2 cute shirts and food. Hahahahhahaa. WhattheEFF right? I know! I can't find a shoe/sandals that has my size eh. So we'll go to Ever Gotesco Mall this Friday cause I don't have classes that day. Then planner? Ugh. Mom wouldn't let me. Guess I'll buy at National Bookstore nalang. So there. We ate Greenwich ang bought McFloat and Sundae on the way home. At home I just slept and woke up at 9:30PM-ish. And up until now I'm awake. It's almost 4:30AM!!!! Ughhhh. K so I'll try to sleep now.

I'll tell you guys about my first day of 2nd semester later! :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The day before second semester.

Well hello! I just wanna visit my blog cause I don't think I'll be able to blog again after school starts. So, ummm, my day consists of a lot of activities. IKR? On the eve of classes. Hahahaha. I still cram a lot. Mommy and I will be at Divi later and hopefully get home early, maybe like after lunch or something. Then I'll go to the bookstore and buy my pen and paper for the semester. :D K I'm a good student. Haha! Then to a shoe repair shop to, of course, have my school shoes repaired. :D

What will I be doing at Divisoria/168 Mall/Tutuban? Uhh, well I'm starting to envy my mom for having these pair of sandals from Figlia. They're super cute! I was thinking "Oooh, I could borrow that.", but then my Mom is size 6 and I'm 7 or 7 1/2. T__T So yeah, I'll look for a decent sandals, one I can wear when I'm feeling a bit girly (cause I always use my Chucks or my high heeled boots that makes my feet cry when going out). Or maybe a doll shoes. OR BOTH! AHHHH that would be better! And, hmmm, I'm planning to buy a planner now. Yes, this early. Cause I don't think I can go to Divi before or after Christmas eh. And what more? Extensions maybe? Haha! Or clothes? I don't know. But I need to make this day out worth it. So, umm, bye! I'm hitting the shower!

Huling Hirit! :D

Thursday, November 3, 2011

HRM2C. You guys will surely be missed!

Hi there! Another sleepless night. I was sleeping a while ago downstairs. Then I woke up, and saw his text (not exactly for me. T'was a group message). It looks like he's in a bad mood and I don't know why. So much for not telling him that I'll be sleeping for a few hours. :))))

So, what have I done from 1AM to almost 5AM? Well, girl stuff. Arranged and designed my diary again. This time for the 2nd year 1st sem memorabilias (have to check Google for the spelling pa! Haha!). Papers, tickets, menu samples, etc. It was fun remembering everything that happened in the past 5 months. The feeling was.....extraordinary. Like I was living the moment once again. Sorry, my imagination is hyperctive right now. And yes! Remembering sweet moments with him though at that time he wasn't interested on me pa. :)

Then I finished my schedule that'll be posted in my room (which is already pinned now in my wall!). Just something to keep track of the time. It takes a while to memorize it :)) Also, I added somekind of 'pocket' for my new binder (given by Kirby!) at the back. So I can put my RC and some papers there. I superrrr love the design he picked. Or his mother picked? HAHA! Here's a picture! :D

So much for talking about what I did. Lemme tell you about yesterday. :)

Woke up at 8am and there was no electricity. Brownout, yes. T.T It wasn't that hot, cause it was raining a few hours before the electricity came out. I was supposed to meet Kirby and Jovi at UE at 9AM. But then, I was hoping that the lights and everything will come back in a few minutes, 9AM came and I haven't done anything to myself. :))) Time to get ready!!! Went out at 10AM. Thank God my mother let me enroll. After 20 minutes of sermon. Hahaha. K. I know I deserve it but I did great on school last sem!

I arrived at school at maybe 10:20. At 10:30 I was finished paying the down payment and I was with Jovi and Kirby na. His hair was fine. Bagay. Much better than his Kpop look. :) He then gave his gift (the binder) and Jovi's gift (a cellphone holder and a coin purse from Bohol!). Yay. Thanks guys. :D

After that we just sat and talked (well actually THEY talked. Haha!). I'm shy around people whom I don't see everyday. Like Jovi. Haha. He isn't my classmate or schoolmate. So yeah. I was just laughing and saying a few words.

We waited for Jovi's diploma to be released that time. We're at the gazeebo.. Sitting there, next to him.... :"> K ENOUGH. At around 11:30am we went to the Highschool Department again to check on the diploma and poof! It is there na! We were planning to go to Victory Mall but then, I need to go home na. I can't afford to be scolded again.

At home.. Just took a nap and texted forever and ever. Hahahaha! We were texting about what happened. He said he was sorry if I was waiting for him to say something. Natotorpe daw siya. I said, 'Di ko na nga binanggit eh. Pinaalala mo pa. Okay lang, take your time.'. And that was about his feelings towards me. Then serious convos about it followed. Arguing about: 1.) Why does he have to tell it to me personally; 2.) Why I'm still not believing him 100%; 3.) Was I scared that the same thing (last semester) will happen to me...and that's where he said "D naman kta iiwan ulet ktulad nun eh xD". K. Me already. Hahaha. I didn't know what to reply. But then the serious convo died after that. I was going to ask something pa naman! About him and Liza. :)))))

Yeah. So that's it basically. He made my day again.

So long, blog reader!
I'm excited! School's resuming next week! :D

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hello there! I can't sleep so I decided to blog. :) It's November 1 here and another year has been added to my age. Yes, today is my wonderful birthday. :)

Greetings has been given to me by so many people na. Some through text, FaceBook wall post at tweets. I think I should post all the text greetings here. :)

Michelle Arieta: 2days nlan bday mu na bhe,,advance happy happy birthday cassie ;)

Windell Vega: Hahah. Hapi nalang pre. Hahahaha. Wala nga akong pera e. T.T ADVANCE HAPI B.DAY SAYO PRE :))

Giemil Manese: advance happy birthday ulet. hahaha

Shean Kirby Yangco: Advance :)

AC Merto: Advance happy birthday cassie beh.beh. Haha. God bless more birthdays to come. Yan ah. Nakitext pa talaga ko para batiin ka. Haha. Labyu. IMY so much. -EYSI.MO:-*

Those who greeted past 12am of November 1:
Michelle Arieta: Happy happy birthday rachelle anne (cassie/bhe) palma..wish you all the best ,,enjoy your day,,loveyou mua,,always takecare Godbless ;)

Peter Tolosa: HBD besh ! ü 12:01 mn na eh .

Dale Laurea: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cassie "POGI"! :D Ingat palagi. God Bless. more bdays and blessings to come. wish you all the best. Goodnight. Sweetdreams.:D happy halloween.

Jomar Teran: CASSIE HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! ingat ka lge..

Ina Flores: Happy Birthday Sis. Iloveyou. <3

Windell Vega (he texted 3 times): Happy birthday pre :))

Jonjovi Caronan: Happy birthday

Laurence Baculpo: Happy birthday nay :) i love you :* tsup tsup . enjoy your day nay hehe..

Zebastien Gozo: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASSIE! :> GODBLESS. Aral mabuti ha. Keep safe.

Hershey Yao (it was part of her Group Message): Happy birthday rachel anne tanjueco palma. a.k.a Ranne, Cassie, chel. :)

Patrick Meilat: Ako pa. Happy Birthday :)

Edwardson Ruiz: Happy halLoween and happy happy birthday to you cassie ! Ready nako for your halLoween celebration. Haha . Italy ! Hahaha . Mua .

Precious Soriano: .bday! Bhe i dclare ful of blessings and many birthdays 2 cum. .labyah. Godbless .mhie.

Edrei Barroga: happy birthday cassie...:D

Joyce Garcia: Happy birthday chingu cassie! Muah saranghae!

Thank you dear friends. But then what made my day yesterday (October 31) was Kirby. I was asking him about his day and he texted:
"Masaya ang araw ko pag anjan ka XD hahaha. Ayos naman. Kmaen kna"
ASDFGHJKL KILIG TO THE BONEZZZZZZ. Ohmy. I didn't expect his answer to be like that. :))))

I know this post is turning into a useless one. Haha.
Hey giuse! I recommend you to listen to this song of Maldita called Iyo Ya Lang Era. It's such a great song. :)

Well that's all! Maybe I'll edit this or post another one to tell you guys about today. K? Byeee. :)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Enjoy the vacation.