Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Letter for who.

Dear You,

You. Yes you. I'm sure you know who you are. I know we had that connection. I felt the love between us. You said you felt the same way that night. I still have your sweet texts on my phone.... I miss you. I miss everything. I miss how we talked every afternoon until night. I miss how we say those three words to each other.

Parusa. Remember that? Hahaha. I still haven't done those two. When will I do it?

Hey, I also wanna say I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all of those "katangahan". Major major na katangahan. You know what? I regret what I've done. I've been so jealous despite the fact that there is no "US". I also hated you for putting her picture on your Y!Messenger. I was like "If he loves me then why is it that it is her on his avatar?". I was so stupid. I was stupid to feel jealousy despite the fact that we're not together. I was stupid not to say YES when you ask me "Tayo na ba?"

I miss the old times. And through this, I want to ask you something. Why did we stopped talking to each other? Really, I don't know why. I never knew why. Just answer me. Please?

And for the record, I still can't fully move on. But thanks for everything. I felt love. I felt I was loved. Thanks for that. And I hope we can still be friends. :)


Blackberry Madness.

Title will be explained laturrr.

Okay. Umm, hi there reader. :) It's raining hard outside and I'm waiting for Agua Bendita on TV. I can't afford to miss it cause I watched it from the first episode up to now. It's their last week so . . . ayun. XD

Anyways, as said earlier "The title will be explained laturrr.", here it is. Well, I'm basically craving for BlackBerry. BlackBerry Bold 9700 to be exact. Btw, it's Agua Bendita na! So, going back to BlackBerry, yes. I'm gonna buy one. But it will be next year. For sure yon. Soooper. Imma explain why. My everyday baon is 100 pesos. So, every week I have 500 pesos and 100 pesos there would be used for whole week's expenses. Yes. Everything equals 100. I can do that. Promise. I should. I should. Going back, 400 pesos per week is enough. 1200 or 1600 pesos per month depending on how many weekdays a particular month has. So that's it. 19200 pesos in 12 months. So in 14 months I can surely buy BlackBerry. But of course, it should have a continuous 100 pesos per day. And minus my other expenses pa. So maybe total of 18 months before I get my very own BlackBerry. Siguro mababa na din presyo ng BB nun noh? Ugh. Wish ko lang.

Anyways, here are the BlackBerry units I like as of now.

So enough of this. :) BYE. Thanks for listening to my rants.

Monday, August 30, 2010


I'm currently developing this Obsessive-Elmo-Magalona-Disorder. I hate it. Major major talaga. As if naman kasi na makikilala niya ko diba? :((( 'Nuff said. Just dropping by.

" I will love you. Forever and Always. I'll wait till you notice me. I'll wait till you know me. It's hard but I think I can do it. ♥ "

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shop. Shop. Shopped.

Ye-hess! Finally, my dad have bought me clothes na! After that mega-overwhelminng buying of FMCC Dogtag last Friday (August 27, 2010) and of Candy Magazine Sept. Issue on the same day, we went to SM North Edsa the next day.

We went out around 2PM. Rode a taxi na walang aircon. x[ When we arrived, we went immediately to the make up section to buy Mommy's lipstick and powder. Then nag-pa-make up din si Mama. It's free when you buy make up. After that, we went up to the third floor, still on SM Department Store. We searched for pants. I really really want that acid pants (will be shown after this paragraph)!!! But it was their last piece so I didn't buy it. The hell. I was so unlucky and pissed. x(

I also searched for some cute tops that matches my taste. There's some on BUM. :D But it's quite expensive that I'd rather buy on Divisoria than on SM. I didn't search again. I was pissed. I don't want saleslady/salesman to follow me around and ask what I want or idon'tknow!!! WTH. Puh-leez, I'm gunna talk to you when I want to! >:[

Anyways, we walked around and after a while, we went back to searching for a top and bottom which I like. Then I saw this cute capri pants on BNY. :D And I saw this cute top on BUM.

We searched again but i already fell in love with the BNY capri pants. :) Then went to Jagthug and saw this major major cute top.

Yezz. Major cuteness!!! :D :D It isn't that much expensive. Top: Jagthug, P499.75; Bottom: BNY, P350.00. I was so happy back then!!

Then we went to Razon's by Guagua to try their famous Halo-halo.

I took those while we're waiting. Then the Famous Halo-halo came.

CAN YOU SEE THAT????? DAMMIT!! Major major fail compared to Chowking's Halo-halo (right). This is what you call Halo-halo??? Irregardless of the ice cream on Chowking's Halo-halo, it is still a major fail and major not-to-buy-or-try Halo-halo. And for the record? The only ingredient I tasted a lot is saging (banana). Then it has bean. Yes, just one. And this is so frustrating!! This is 85 pesos?? WTH.

After eating that Saging-con-Yelo-slash-Halo-halo, we went to the furniture section inside SM Department Store.

Then went home around 8pm. ;) Whatta fun day yesterday. Love it much.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To all the people around the world.

Please be open-minded. Don't look at Filipinos as just one man.

He made a mistake, we know it. But he has reasons. I know one of his reasons is his family. Maybe they're starving. Of course, he's a father and he should be responsible for the money his family uses. I know you would do something about it. To all of you, he was once a policeman. He lost his job because of extortion and he/they(with his co-policeman, maybe) forced the chef(the victim of extortion) to take illegal drugs. Yes, it was wrong. And he was punished. He was fired. And maybe they have no money to spend on their daily needs. That's why he did it. He was ignored by the ombudsman three times. Three times. He want the case to be re-read (i don't know if that's right XD). But then as I said, he was ignored.

Then he did the 'Hostage Taking thing' to get noticed for sure. He did it the wrong way, I know. But at least he get noticed right? And for me? I think the PNP shot a lot of civilians there. Those HK Nationals that are wounded. I think the police shot them unknowingly - because the driver said that all of the hostages are dead.

Well, for Senior Inspector Rolando del Rosario Mendoza.. you did a bad move. But in all fairness, thank you. If you haven't do that, PNP wouldn't upgrade or train again so that they can handle such situations.



To the families of those who died on the hostage taking: My deep condolences. :( I'm very sorry for what happened. He just did it the wrong way.

To all of you who are reading this: Please don't look at Filipinos as just one man. He made a mistake. But that doesn't mean that we, Filipinos, are all hostage takers or crime makers. Please. Be considerate. We know what he did was wrong. We're still the same old Filipinos who are hospitable and caring and any-trait-you-already-knew-we-have. Just, be considerate.

To God: Thanks for yesterday, today and tomorrow. :)

P.S This is my own opinion. No haters, 'kaaaaaay?

rrrrrrrrrachel. ;)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Haircut = Done. :D

Yes. Haha. Just answering your questions regarding the title. I just had a haircut. And it's so cool!! Like Taylor Momsen's hair on Gossip Girl Season 2. Yes. It's so cool!!

Like that but of course not the hair color. Well, I'll make pa-kulay next time! Red highlights!!

Oh. BTW, I'll go to Ina's crib tmrw then I'll make pa-print some pictures for Envi. Sci. Then tomorrow also is inuman sessions for Dad's birthday. It's like a party-plus-bagong-dating-celebration. Then on Sunday is UAAP!! Yeyy. Lucky me it's required! Bonding with HRM 8A again! :)

I don't have a lots to tell. So, I'm out! Be back some other time!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ale-Alejandro, ale-Alejandro.

Yaaaay. It's been a long day and I'm so excited to tell you what happened this day! :)

Woke up at 8:20am (my first class is 8:30)!!! Gaaahd. So I decided not to rush myself and not attend the first class. What can I miss on Filipino subject right? :) Hahahaah. So I went to school at 9:10 cause my next class is 9:30. I got there at the right time. TOUR101 is the next subject and poof! No professor. Rawr. Then Dowy and I just walked and walked on the corridor. We went to 4th floor first then on the 2nd floor then 1st floor. We saw Mrs. Salangsang (NS104A professor) and told Dowy that she and Ady is going to take the test on Friday. Then we went back to our room. Laughtrip with Cyrus!!! OMAYGOLAAAAAAAAAY. Agua Bendita forever. Then Sir Peter (PSY101 professor) came and we discussed. The bell rang after 1 hour and uwian na!! Yeaaah. Had a run in with Purabels and Mark. :)) Then went to Thomas' house then went out again to go to SM North. Thomas, Jared and Ian took taxi. Mayaman sila. Sheila, Karl, Louisse, Dowy and I took the bus. We looked for them! Rawrr!! 2nd floor isn't 3rd floor!!! WTFF!!!

Went to West Ave. and to Kowloon House. We want to conduct an interview on Kowloon but the manager has a scheduled meeting. We'll go there again on Wednesday. Then we went back to SM North and walked and walked. :) Hahahaha. Then went to Worlds of Fun. Karl did the Dance Revo thing. Canon Rock FTW! Hahhaa. Laughed so hard. Then going home we took the Killer Bus (as said by Louisse). Hahaha. Then went home and computer na! Yeaaah. Had a great day. So much fun. Thanks guys.


P.S. Regarding the title: We we're singing Alejandro on our way home. And we're so loud! :))) Don't call my name, don't call my name, Alejandro. I'm not your babe, I'm not your babe, Fernando. Ale-Alejandro, ale-Alejandro. :))))))))))))

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Hello! I haven't updated this since like last month. Anyway, a lot of things have happened. Dad's home and Prelim Week is done! Got 1.5 on PE!! Yess. HAHAHAHA. IDK on other subjects. Well, I don't have much to say. I just dropped by and I'm not on kwento mode. I'm tired and kinda pissed. Yeah. So BYIEEEE!