Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yo. :D

Heeeeeeeeeey! It's been a while since I wrote here. A lot of things happened and I barely remember them. :))) But it's fun fun for sure. Except for the fact that we don't talk anymore. :( Yes. That truly is sad.

Anyway, it's prelim week for me. :] Yizzz. Hahaha. And next week, daddy's gonna be home!! Yaaaay!! Chocolatezzz anyone? ;) Yeah. So, uhm.. That's basically it. :D

Oh! I've been really addicted to Pretty Little Liars. Yeaaaah. Just like me being addicted to Gossip Girl. Yet I still watch Gossip Girl. :)

Uh. . . . . I don't have anything more to say. I don't want to add some drama here again, too. So, BYE!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's been so long.

Ohmaaaaaaaaaay! July 6 was my last entry here. And it's July 15 already!! I need to updaaaaaate. I'll try my best to remember all of it. :)

16th day // July 7, 2010
Can't remember what happened. Sarreh.

17th day // July 8, 2010
PE sucks. That's all.

18th day // July 9, 2010
This day we (Shiela, Gennica, Louisse, Karl, Dowy and me) went to Roxas Boulevard (?) Idk the place. Really. :)))) Pero Maynila. :D We planned to conduct an interview this day but on The Heritage Hotel, they told us that it should be scheduled.

So we didn't conduct an interview. Then we searched for Hyatt Hotel. We asked Kuya Manong Guard-slash-Security about the location of Hyatt Hotel. He pointed to a building and told us that it was the OLD Hyatt Hotel, and the new one was on Mabini. We went to the old Hyatt. And we found this.

We went to Mini Stop na lang and rested there for a while. Then MoA. Eclipse much? YAY. Went home at 7-ish. Thanks Mom for not getting angry. And when I got home, my dog was sick. Fever dude. Fever.

July 10, 2010
Boring ehy? Just took care with my doggie. :)

July 11, 2010
Went to Grand Central with Mom. Bought new stockings (with "s". Cause we bought two. One was normal Pantyhose and the other is a stay-up stocking so that I can change faster when it's P.E.). Bought some things at National Book Store and some needs of my brother for school. And my second sandals everrrr. :] Yes. It looks so great! I call it Happiness. Hahahaha.

Then went home immediately. ;) Shiro was 50-50. Then she died. Around 11:40 - 11: 50 PM. I love you Shiro. And you will surely be missed!

19th day // July 12, 2010
This day was a mess. My eyes are swelling. X_X Can't remember what actually happened.

20th day // July 13, 2010
It was fun fun!! :D Library Orientation is so fun. I love you college! Yaay! Everything's super fine. :] Except P.E.. Shit. Like yeah. UGH. Prelim part 1. UE HYMN. I really didn't know a thing!!!!! So my score is a big zerooooo. X_X It was raining hard in the evening. Brownout/Blackout started at 10pm.

21st day // July 14, 2010
No classes yeah!!! :D :D Blackout in most of cities I think. X_X Super rain and super wind. Gash! But it was good cause I slept a lot. Slept at 1am and woke up at 7pm. :) Yeaa. Then almost 10pm, electricity came back. Classes tomorrow!

22nd day // July 15, 2010
Yaaaaaay. It was great seeing my classmates again! :) Everything was so good. No dull moment. ü After class, went to Tapsilogan ni Mama Leng again. It's a daily routine! :) Orderes BarSi (BBQ + Sinangag or Fried Rice). And I added 3 extra rice! OHMY. :))))) I'm so full. :) I want to eat again!! :D And btw, Happy Birthday Bon!!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So long.

Gah! So many days have passed and I haven't blogged a thing. So here. A summary! :D

July 2, 2010
It was the day I finally said my feelings towards him. And I think it went well. . .he feels the same. And I really think that's good. :D Well, uh, everything that day was fine. And I kinda remember his texts that day. :] Which I'll post later. :P

July 3, 2010
This day was Eclipse day! :D Though I was a bot sad because Dowy cancelled last minute! UGGGGH. So I watched it by myself. It went good. Though my Push Pop isn't cooperating. I don't have anythaaaang to eat. And I didn't eat anything. :P I just bought some things and went to National Book Store at Trinoma. And then I discovered my weakness: Ballpens. Sucks yeah. Masyadong simple para maging weakness. But I loooove buying it talaga. Especially colored ones. :) So better give me one. Or a cute notebook/journal/diary! :D That would make me happy.

July 4, 2010
This day was really scheduled for a group-work-slash-lakwatsa. Why lakwatsa? HELLO!?! Students at Roxas Boulevard searching for a hotel they can interview or ask a lot of questions isn't called a lakwatsa? Hahaha. For me it is. So I decided not to come. I was so happy, because I'm saved from all the dramas for that day with my not-so-close-college-classmates and from the superb heat of the f-ing sun. At least I conserved energy right? Okaaaaaaay. I'm lazy. Lazy enough to ditch them. But on the other hand a bit sad. Cause I'm planning to go on a friend's house after that. But I didn't went out so, another parusa. :( Sorry to you if you're reading this. Well, anyway. This day's a mess. I wont tell anymore.

14th day // July 5, 2010
Uh. I barely remember this day. But I'm thinking it's a bit not too great. That's all. Thank you! :D

15th day // July 6, 2010
Dreamt of somebody that's why I woke up. But on the dream, it wasn't his face I saw. A different face with the same name, same school where he studies, same year he is at. How odd! XD Anyways, CAS Acquaintance Party is so not a party. Swear to life. It was held on MPH, which by the way is so so hot today unlike the first time we were there. We stayed there for two hours then went to EN 111 with the gay-looking lady prof. I told you, I'm mean. So it went well. Then NS 105 was so great. We went to TYK 3rd floor, then to the computer room! There's a lecture on the computer and you have to perfect the quiz given after. ;) It's so good! Thursday again! YAAAAAAAAAAY! :D :D Then P.E came and started on the UE's cheers and yells. :) T'was fun fun. Yay! Anyway, I have the Psychology book I borrowed from Ate Essa. After P.E, I just went home and did this. And I hate you.

That's it! Quite long ehy? :|

Friday, July 2, 2010


Yey! It's Friday! Which means I'm gonna watch Eclipse tomorrow! Anyways, I'm gonna tell you people what happened to my Thursday and Friday. :)

12th day // July 1, 2010
Yay! It's the first day of July and everything should be good/better/best! :) NS 104A is a no prof class this day. Me? Soundtrip lang ayos na. And then I talked a bit. :)))) Hahahaha. I'm so excited for the next class which is EN 111. English beybeh! :D I though Ms. Orlina would be the one attending our class, but . . . . no. :( Too bad. The lady came doesn't look like a lady. She looks like a gay. I really thought she was a gay. Yes, I'm that mean. So she just talked and talked and talked. Gah. Irritating. Then NS 105 came. Lecture again. Everyday naman eh. P.E is great!! SUPER!! I'm really excited on UAAP! :) :) :) Then after P.E, went home and chat and chat with . . . sino nga ba? Hahaha. JK. :)


13th day // July 2, 2010
Thank God it's f-ing Friday. Yesss! Tomorrow naaaaa! Woke up at 7am. Then did my 'things'. Haha. Went to Mini Stop as a meeting place for our section. :) Baet kame ii. Went upstairs at 8.20am. Can't be late eh. FI 101 is great. Though a lot of us were absent. Did some discussionthen groupings. TOUR 101. As usual, discussion. And groupings. :) PSY 101 is so . . great. Haha. I'm loving it! :) Yes. Hahaha. Then HRM 101. Going out on Sunday to search for a bonggacious hotel at Roxas Blvd. where we can conduct an interview. It sucks. Gah. Then went out na, kasi time na eh. Cyrus treated us at Master Siomai. Thanks Cy! It's his birthday kase. I'll post pictures some other day. Went there with Cy (the Birthday Boy), Ady, Rhone, Mark Joseph, Karl, and two other girls which I think was Cy's ex-highschool-classmates. :) He treated us Siomai Rice, Beef Ramen, and Gulaman. That was a total of 64 pesos each. And we were 8. Hahaha. :) Then went home immediately after eating. Thank you so much Cy!! :D :D At home, texted a few mintues. Then got sleepy, so I slept. Woke up at 5pm. Online agad. Then Dowy cancelled for tomorrow! Gah! So, wala na ako kasama. :( Wala daw siyang B = Budget. Loner again tomorrow. Well, I really should look on the bright side that I'm going to watch Eclipse tomorrow!! :D

Currently waiting for a person to get online. HMP! :((