Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Third Year, Second Semester.

Hello! I'm back since that sad last post.

And honestly, I'm not that sad anymore right now... Maybe because I saw my friends in school already! Yep! School's in again! And yeah, I'm also facing a lot of teasing. Especially from Indi. THANK YOU SO MUCH. :))

So, um, lemme tell you about my first day though I'm kinda sleepy already and I need to wake up at 7AM later. It's now 12:15AM. :) So... it went this way.

I woke up at 10am and went to the bathroom to take a bath then got ready for school. Went out past 11am. My first class is at 12pm, History. The professor went a few minutes late.. Then he immediately gave us a small activity. X'D GREAT. But he dismisses us early and we (Inah, Joseph and I) went downstairs to buy ice cream. Then went to TYK Lobby to let time pass. Then Elika, Joy, Paulo, Kristine, and Bhei came and sat with us. :) We talked and talked. I also saw Hershey and her two classmates and...him. :) And then there's this guy. He was friends with Joy and Elika and that tome Elika was beside me and Joy was beside Elika. They did the STAG (the barkada group Joy and Elika were members) handshake. I was just looking at him because he was talking to Joy and Elika but then he offered his hand to me to do the STAG handshake. :O :)))) I was shocked and of course didn't took his hand. Hahahahah. But he's tall and chinito. XD

Second subject was Banquet and Catering 2. And the professor who came in was Mr. Gamier. EMERGERD :O. Thank God he didn't see my pink dip dye or else.... hahahaha. So I'm definitely back to plain hair next week but I'll be using somewhat the same product as I what I used for my violet hair :) Hopefully it'll wash out and my bleached ends will still be there! C:

At home I did my assignment (YES. Already. In History.) while waiting for UFL to start. Then Jhunnel messaged me on Facebook and asked for my number. I gave it. But unfortunately for him, I don't have load. Hahaha. Not planning ti text him first when I have load na though. XD

Sooooooo..... Global FC won. Heartbroken because my team lost but I saw Jeffrey Christiaens so I'm still a bit happy :))

That's all I guess. 9am class tmrw! Wish me luck!!

- Rachel xx

Saturday, October 27, 2012

New life.

Hi there. I'm blogging at this hour because.... I can't sleep. And yeah something happened a while ago in my life.

After 8 months of being happy, sad, hurt, kilig, and crazy, I ended it. Too much hurting was happening. Me hurting him, him hurting me... I really don't know how will I start every single day now, knowing I wouldn't have that "someone" whom I can talk to and just be happy. Although, in the past few weeks of talking to him, we kind of just fight and fight. But I'll never forget him. He was my first. And I'm happy with that. He showed me how it was to be loved... and to be taken care of. If you're reading this, you'll always have a place in my heart. Always remember that.

On the other hand, it's October 27 here in Philippines now and.... 5 days to go till I'm eighteen!! Should I be happy or not? I'm still childish sometimes and ughhh nothing ever changed since I turned 17, I guess? Hahahahha. But still I'll have food to eat!! And I will not share. HAHA! Eggpie and Leche Flan on the 1st of November! Yay!!

So yeah. Just a useless update. XD

Tomorrow I'll be back I guess. c:

- Rachel xx

Saturday, October 20, 2012

When insomnia attacks...

Hi. :) Why am I even blogging? Lol erase. Sorry for still not posting the Part II of my Azkals game experience. I have two reasons (which are sure not valid): One, internet connection isn't upgraded yet. Two, I'm too lazy to do it. Sorry. :) But I'll post it of courseeee.

I'm writing here, because.... well, mainly because of what happened to my day earlier. And yeah some other things. So, my day started early (mainly because I was still up at 4am yesterday (Oct.19)), then kinda slept for a bit, and decided to climb out of my bed at 8am (which was the time I was supposed to be meeting up with Inah and Joseph at school). See? It's enrollment time again. One week out of school then here it is again nowwww... Ugh. Still lazy to start second semester but industrious enough to start it too because I'm broke. XD So, yeah, came to school at 9:30-ish. HAHAHA. What is super late. I waited for Inah outside the school for a while and yeah, I got a few looks. -_- Result of my dip-dyed hair (that I will blog about I don't know when ^-^). We went inside and DENG! No section opened that will satisfy our needs. XD You see, I enrolled Mandarin (without knowledge) as my Foreign Language last semester but due to some schedule conflicts, Mandarin became French (which was a blessing cause Mandarin is super hard, according to my former classmates who took that subject). And this semester, I'm supposed to take up French 2. And when we arrived, only one section was opened, and it has Mandarin for its Foreign Language.

Err so, Inah and I talked to Sir Gamier (mostly Inah actually) and asked about our situation. Then, he opened two sections!! With French and Nihongo as its Foreign Language! Yay right? But still, I need to print my grades on the portal, WHICH IS REALLY SHOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED. We have grade cards, yennow? But due to some professors are enjoying the semestral break (a.k.a. lazy), they did not encode OUR grades which was SUPPOSED to be used YESTERDAY on time. Deym. So we rented a computer on a internet cafe for 30 minutes then.... still, 5 out of 7 grades are posted. -_-" WHAT IS LAZY. Turns out we can't enroll unless all the pre-requisite subjects has its grade posted. MISIR and Banquet are the subjects with no posted grades yet. The best part? They're pre-requisites. -_-" So we just saw the schedule and....went home. Nagsayang lang ng energy.

As I went home, I found out that Banquet has it's grade encoded! Yay. Then after a few long hours, MISIR!! To kill time, I made this schedule (which I would not post). HAHAHAHA. But yeah, it was worth it. So we can enroll! And I'm (we're) going back to school this Monday! Hello Second Sem! :D

My average? 1.86. ALMOST. ALMOST THERE. So yeah, I, Rachel Anne Palma, do solemnly swear that I will study harder/more this semester to achieve higher grades. :) I, thank you. Loljk. Though I'm serious with the "I will study harder" thingy. :)

Final say? It frustrates me, though I'm happy with my grades. ALMOST THERE NA EH.

Till next time I can't sleep!
- Rachel xx

Monday, October 8, 2012


I'm supposed to be sleeping now and not in front of the computer. Due to I'm an insomniac, I'm here typing. I'm just here to tell you (rant) about things happening in my life in bullets.

  • Sembreak's almost here!! It's our last week in school which means Exam's Week/Hell Week. T_T Ugh. I hate this part of studying. Mehehehe. But I'm pretty sure I'll pass on the other subjects except for Marketing. Huhuhu. God, help meeee!!!
  • Since sembreak's almost near, I'm doing something on my hair. I've been looking for hair inspirations since last week. I don't want a drastic change because our semestral break is just almost a month (Oct. 14-Nov. 6). And I still have to enroll for next semester which means November 6 would be October 30 or earlier. So I need something that is not too much of a change but can add that "oomph" I've been wanting to have since Summer 2012. I was looking everywhere (mainly colored hair dedicated Tumblr accounts) and I got these.

This is cute. Though the blonde part of her hair would be brown for me. x)

I love the teal/green color but I can't find a dye like that here in Philippines! I still have to order online (Manic Panic) which is TOO expensive for me.

THIS is one of the ideas I like. :)

Dip-dyed Blue!

Again with the teal/green ends!!!

I love this. I WANT THIS.

Red/Pink tips!

This is realllyyyyy cool. But I can't have that. :(
So I found these pictures and I reaaaaalllyyyy like the 6th photo but I don't know how will I do that to my hair. Then I decided I'll just do dip dye-ing.. But still in search for ideas (if you have some post the link please?)! Then while looking for ideas, I found these photos.

AAAAHHH Purple hair!! And then now I wanted to have purple hair on me! So I Google-d for purple/violet hair dyes here in Philippines..... then I saw (1) this blog post. Her hair turned violet with just that Henna Wax Color Treatment. I'M GONNA BUY ONE. But still, I have to bleach my hair or the effect won't be that vibrant. XD Though I don't know which color yet. Mehehehe. It has a lot of colors!! I searched for other reviews and I saw (2) this post wherein she used the same color (Cyclamen) but it turned out magenta-ish/fuschia pink-ish on her photos. I also found this (3) Tumblog. She used  the Red Burgundy one and based on her pictures, it turned as red as Nikita Lim's!! If only I discovered this product last summer, my hair shouldn't have faded to orangey-red! Ugh, regrets. Oh, btw, the product also has other benefits. It's supposed to treat dry, damaged hair. So.. let's see when I buy that.

So according to the first blog post I mention, when it faded it became pastel pink in color which I would loooooove to have! I was rooting for pink tips actually, but since I wont find anything like that here, I'll stick to the purple/violet one. AND I'M SUPER EGG-SOITED TO TRY THIS!!! Sorry guys, I can't hide my excitement eh. :P

  • I'm almost eighteen! 24 days left!! But still, I can't vote this 2013 Elections! T______T The registration is up until the 31st of October..... ONE DAY LEFT AND I'M EIGHTEEN!! Talk about unluckiness. :(
  • My face is bombarded with pimples. XD I'm exaggerating, sorry. Well, there are few pimples on my T-zone (forehead to nose onlyy). My chin is a disaster. T___T And so is my cheeks. :((( So I'm trying this remedy my Mum asked me to do. Hope this works *fingers crossed*!
  • I put my Instagram feed on the bottom of my blog! Finally!! Hahahaha. You guys can follow me on @shelovescolorss on Instagram :)

- Rachel xx

I haven't posted the Part II of the Azkals' game experience cause I'm still waiting for the upgrade on our internet connection :) Please bear with me. x

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Philippine Football Peace Cup 2012 Part I

Hello! Here I am again, writing a story that happened last Saturday, September 29, 2012.

I watched the last game day in the Philippine Football Peace Cup 2012 with my brother live. Not live on the TV screen but live at Rizal Memorial Football Stadium. It was a superb experience that I'll never exchange for anything.

We went out of the house at 2PM with only 200php on our pockets. We rode jeepney to LRT Monumento station. From Monumento to Vito Cruz was an hour and a few minutes more. Then we walked for a few minutes then we reached Rizal Memorial Football Stadium. OH HELLO!!!!! Then my brother has to leave me because of boyfriend duties. Hahahaha. So I watched the first match, Guam vs Macau, by myself.

Guam ~ Macau*
*Low quality photo taken from my phone

Few people we're there to watch the first match but then, those few peeps were cheering! One of those peeps who are watching is Juan Cutillas (Former Azkals and Kaya FC coach)! And they were cheering for Guam (same team I was rooting for because of Jonah Romero). He had an almost goal at around the 25th minute of the game but, yeah, he didn't score.. But they won!! 3-nil against Macau and yeah, I felt proud to watch them win. And I don't even know why. :3 The match ended at 6PM and the next match is at 7:30PM. Still, my brother is nowhere to be seen.

People came and as the kick-off time draws near, the bleachers and the grandstand gets jampacked! Lotsa people came! They even announced that viewers should be sure that they're seating on what was indicated on their ticket. And then the Philippine Azkals came out to do some warm up before the game. Then the crowd shouted!! WHOOOOOOP~ All are excited to watch the game. You have to understand that in the two matches the Philippine Azkals played, they won. And this is the last match to be played. THIS IS THE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH.

Philippines ~ Chinese Taipei

7:30PM came and the game started. And yes! We scored and early goal care of Denis Wolf!! YEHESS!! The crowd went wild!! Everybody's cheering!! And I was so happy! After a few minutes, another goal! From the one and only, Chieffy Caligdong!! Uh-yeah!! WE SMELL CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Wait, they didn't stop trying. OJ Porteria scored another goal just minutes before the halftime whistle! Champions indeed!! Still, my brother is nowhere. Poor him. >:P

Oh, btw, I saw some football players! Always hot looking Captain Aly Borromeo in his plain black V-neck shirt. *drools* Simon Greatwich!!! *drools even more* Anton del Rosario arrived with a baby (idk if it's a she or a he) which is super cuuuuuuute! And maybe Sam Richelle was with him but I didn't see her face. I just saw someone arrived with him. *dies. hahaha* Then I saw Heather Cooke holding a huge banner for her "baby" Jason de Jong! I tweeted her about it and she replied!! :D

So, um my brother arrived when the 2nd half has started. No more goals from Philippines but one from Chinese Taipei. Could've been two if it wasn't from the superb save by Eduard Sacapano on the Chinese Taipei's penalty kick! For me, he really improved a lot since... before. Thumbs up to that!

And Jonah Romero walked in front of me thrice! But I didn't have enough courage to call him. UGH. Next time, next time. On a Kaya FC game, I'll have the courage! *fingers crossed*

And the fulltime whistle sounds. Everyone was rejoicing. And to what I saw, Philippine Football is sure here to stay. Yes, it surely is. I was like a proud momma! I was really happy and.... no words can explain!

Then awarding ceremonies came next. 3rd runner-up: Macau. 2nd runner-up: Guam. 1st runner-up: Chinese Taipei. CHAMPIONS: PHILIPPINE AZKALS! Yes! WE WON! With 99 years of drought, finally, the rain came!

And we bagged the awards!! Fair Play Award goes to us! And the players got their own awards!
Philippine Football Peace Cup 2012 Golden Boot Awardee and MVP: #20 Denis Wolf
Philippine Football Peace Cup 2012 Best Goalkeeper: #88 Eduard Sacapano
Philippine Football Peace Cup 2012 Best Midfielder: #36 Matthew Uy
Philippine Football Peace Cup 2012 Best Defender: #28 Jeffrey Christiaens

Yes yes! A win is a win. But a championship award is not something that happens everyday. :) So, I'm really happy for them. They worked hard for this. All of them. Including Phil and James Younghusband whom didn't get the chance to play for the said Cup. And yeah, you're the man, Dan Palami. Thank you for believing on them. :)

So I guess that's it. Part II for the pictures but I can't do that now.

This is surely one Saturday well spent. Thank you, Philippine Azkals. You inspire me. I'll see you next time!

Happy October everyone! x
- Rachel xx

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Mistress + Bar Tour Part II.

As promised, here I am! Posting pictures instead of telling a story. :)
They say I look like Myrtle here :3

Ukay-ukay dress for 50php. Mum's bag.
Interior of the seminar room/bar.


Ceiling :)
Stack of Liquors

Ze gang. :)) Kirby, Me, Indi, Inah, Joseph.

© Jefrey Ormita // Ana, Adelle, Mica, Joseph, Inah, Indi and Me :)
Kuya James izzzo gwapo. :)))

Lloyd and Kuya James

Le hug. Kuya Chris and Paul :D

Paulo and Kuya JJ :D

Kuya JJ and Kris (from another section).
Lloyd and Kuya James, again.

Err. Can't remember what's this anymore. Sorry! ^^

Blowjob Cocktail

Meal toymmm. Eveything is so delicious. :3 Nom nom. Happy tummy!

Instagram pictures! :D

Inah, Indi and I.
Indi and I.

That's all for the Part II! First Bar Tour I've ever attended and it was so much fun!! Thanks to the people I was with :)

- Rachel xx

Saturday, September 29, 2012

I'm gonna see the rest of the Philippine Azkals in a few hours and watch football at Rizal Stadium!

I apologize for not being able to post the Part II of the previous blog that I posted. I was busy the whole week but maybe I'll tell you guys about it later or on Sunday. So, here you go guys. I can't hide the excitement. Sorry x') I'm such a big fan of the Philippine Azkals.


The rest of them, yes. Cause I've seen some of them when my father and I watched a UFL game last summer. Now, I'll watch this game with my brother!

There, I saw Phil Younghusband, James Younghusband, Aly Borromeo, Jason Sabio, Anton del Rosario, Nate Burkey, Chieffy Caligdong, Lexton Moy, Ian Araneta and others I can't recall right now. I also saw Jonah Romero of Kaya FC who plays for Guam's National Team!

Yes! I'm excited and hoping I will have a picture with THE players. Last time I got stunned with Phil and James sitting behind me and didin't get a chance to have a picture with them. XD

Alrighty. Time to get ready!!

- Rachel xx

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Mistress + Bar Tour Part I.

Hello! On my last post I said that I might be around more often but I haven't. Sorry but I don't have anything exciting/worth blogging happening in my life until last Saturday.

We had a bar tour on T.G.I.Friday's Malate.

We waited for Indi at MRT North Avenue Station for maybe an hour. What is late right. Hahaha. Rode the train for almost an hour. And yeah, before the seminar, we watched The Mistress! It was Inah's treat to us cause she just turned 18 last Tuesday. :D So we went inside the movie house a bit late and the movie was already playing for about 10 minutes. So we stayed until the movie was played again then left until we reached the part where we started watching.

Then we immediately went to T.G.I.Friday's ang there we saw some of our classmates and professors. :) After about 30 minutes the seminar started and it was so much fun!! Then we ate some delicious food from T.G.I.Friday's. Immediately went home because it was around 7pm then.

Got home around 8pm I guess? Then slept early because Kirby and I went out the day after. :)

That's all folks! Part II will be the pictures! I'll post it through the web and not on phone. c:

- Rachel xx

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My day in bullets.

Hi. I'm blogging through my phone and maybe you'll see misspelled words/misused punctuation marks but I'll try my best not to have those. :)

Well I just want you guys to know about what happened to me today (yesterday, technically).

* Waited for 30 minutes on the first station of MRT for Indi. Then experienced the Single Journey thingy where you will put the coins in (like on payphone).

* Went to Chocolate Lovers (for the nth time) with Kirby, Indi, Inah and Joseph to buy things and ingredients on our next activity in Baking.

* Laughed so hard about Woodchuck Todd (from Easy A)!! Ahr ahr ahr ahr ahr. That part when he was wearing the costume. Inah and I can't stop laughing, seriously.

* Ate at Jollibee for lunch.

* Went around SM North Edsa just to window shop with Kirby and Indi.

* Walked around more with Kirby. Theb went go Trinoma.

* Checked the One Direction Shirt at the The Perfect White Shirt. Will buy one maybe next week.

* Waited for almost half an hour in line at Ticketworld. Then bought my very first Philippine Azkals' (our national football team) game ticket. Too bad my brother can't afford the student discount anymore. Bought the grandstand tickets!!

* Played Starcraft again. :)

* Found out that Myrtle (PBB4 Big Winner) and some other stars will be at Trinoma at Sept. 23!! Yay!

That's all I guess.. :)

OH. Before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY INAH!! :D :*

Picture of the day :)

I might be around more often ;)

-Rachel xx

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Photo Spam II

Since right a this moment I kinda miss Zayn. Mainly because I watched What Makes You Beautiful and Gotta Be You music video then repeated Zayn's solos, I'll do a photo spam. :)) I'm bored sorry.

WARNING: The following pictures may cause heart attack and drooling.

His smile is like thizz :D


OHGODZAYNINBOXERS.  What's with his  tattoo?

Niall Horan!  :">

What exactly are they doing? HAHAHAHA. Zayn and Liam.

"Beautiful" - Harry Styles

Liam and Zayn on the set of iCarly. These guys smiles with their tongues. :)

*Zayn blinks* Me: ASDFGHJKL :">


(Photo source: Various accounts from

And that is a Zayn Malik overload. :) Yeah, I love him.

- Rachel x