Saturday, September 29, 2012

I'm gonna see the rest of the Philippine Azkals in a few hours and watch football at Rizal Stadium!

I apologize for not being able to post the Part II of the previous blog that I posted. I was busy the whole week but maybe I'll tell you guys about it later or on Sunday. So, here you go guys. I can't hide the excitement. Sorry x') I'm such a big fan of the Philippine Azkals.


The rest of them, yes. Cause I've seen some of them when my father and I watched a UFL game last summer. Now, I'll watch this game with my brother!

There, I saw Phil Younghusband, James Younghusband, Aly Borromeo, Jason Sabio, Anton del Rosario, Nate Burkey, Chieffy Caligdong, Lexton Moy, Ian Araneta and others I can't recall right now. I also saw Jonah Romero of Kaya FC who plays for Guam's National Team!

Yes! I'm excited and hoping I will have a picture with THE players. Last time I got stunned with Phil and James sitting behind me and didin't get a chance to have a picture with them. XD

Alrighty. Time to get ready!!

- Rachel xx

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Mistress + Bar Tour Part I.

Hello! On my last post I said that I might be around more often but I haven't. Sorry but I don't have anything exciting/worth blogging happening in my life until last Saturday.

We had a bar tour on T.G.I.Friday's Malate.

We waited for Indi at MRT North Avenue Station for maybe an hour. What is late right. Hahaha. Rode the train for almost an hour. And yeah, before the seminar, we watched The Mistress! It was Inah's treat to us cause she just turned 18 last Tuesday. :D So we went inside the movie house a bit late and the movie was already playing for about 10 minutes. So we stayed until the movie was played again then left until we reached the part where we started watching.

Then we immediately went to T.G.I.Friday's ang there we saw some of our classmates and professors. :) After about 30 minutes the seminar started and it was so much fun!! Then we ate some delicious food from T.G.I.Friday's. Immediately went home because it was around 7pm then.

Got home around 8pm I guess? Then slept early because Kirby and I went out the day after. :)

That's all folks! Part II will be the pictures! I'll post it through the web and not on phone. c:

- Rachel xx

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My day in bullets.

Hi. I'm blogging through my phone and maybe you'll see misspelled words/misused punctuation marks but I'll try my best not to have those. :)

Well I just want you guys to know about what happened to me today (yesterday, technically).

* Waited for 30 minutes on the first station of MRT for Indi. Then experienced the Single Journey thingy where you will put the coins in (like on payphone).

* Went to Chocolate Lovers (for the nth time) with Kirby, Indi, Inah and Joseph to buy things and ingredients on our next activity in Baking.

* Laughed so hard about Woodchuck Todd (from Easy A)!! Ahr ahr ahr ahr ahr. That part when he was wearing the costume. Inah and I can't stop laughing, seriously.

* Ate at Jollibee for lunch.

* Went around SM North Edsa just to window shop with Kirby and Indi.

* Walked around more with Kirby. Theb went go Trinoma.

* Checked the One Direction Shirt at the The Perfect White Shirt. Will buy one maybe next week.

* Waited for almost half an hour in line at Ticketworld. Then bought my very first Philippine Azkals' (our national football team) game ticket. Too bad my brother can't afford the student discount anymore. Bought the grandstand tickets!!

* Played Starcraft again. :)

* Found out that Myrtle (PBB4 Big Winner) and some other stars will be at Trinoma at Sept. 23!! Yay!

That's all I guess.. :)

OH. Before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY INAH!! :D :*

Picture of the day :)

I might be around more often ;)

-Rachel xx

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Photo Spam II

Since right a this moment I kinda miss Zayn. Mainly because I watched What Makes You Beautiful and Gotta Be You music video then repeated Zayn's solos, I'll do a photo spam. :)) I'm bored sorry.

WARNING: The following pictures may cause heart attack and drooling.

His smile is like thizz :D


OHGODZAYNINBOXERS.  What's with his  tattoo?

Niall Horan!  :">

What exactly are they doing? HAHAHAHA. Zayn and Liam.

"Beautiful" - Harry Styles

Liam and Zayn on the set of iCarly. These guys smiles with their tongues. :)

*Zayn blinks* Me: ASDFGHJKL :">


(Photo source: Various accounts from

And that is a Zayn Malik overload. :) Yeah, I love him.

- Rachel x