Sunday, January 3, 2010

Classes Chu-morrow. x[ ---- it's small world after all. :(

hello dear blog.

Happy new year again.
Anyways. It's Sunday and school is on again tomorrow.
Ugh. I/We're not ready yet.
Longer vacation pleaaaaaaaaaase ?
Yes, I'm not ready yet. But I can handle school. (:

I'll make kwento about something.
It was long ago when I discovered it.
Maybe I've posted it here. Idk.
Well, here it is.
I think I've mentioned here already my 'dhie'.
Yes. But he isn't my Dhie anymore.
He has a girlfriend now.
Janna. Bestfriend of Jaizell. Cousin of my cousin.
Wtf. Small world beybeh!
Well, he's happy with that, so? What can I do right?

Btw, I have a new found friend!
Her name is Michelle. :]
She's Ashley's friend.
Ashley is my friend met over the net that undergo an operation.
(Is my grammar right. I mean on the 'undergo' part only.)
'Kaaaay. So that's it. Nuff about this.

I've watched a movie. The Clique.
And eh-meh-gahd. It was so good.
Especially for teenage girls.
I recommend you to watch it.
Hahahah. Love that.
Still waiting for the sequel that'll be out this year!
Ugh! Can't wait. ((:

So long na this. Haha. Nice language eh?
Hope tomorrow would be guh-reat.
I'll try to be here as often as I can.

" Loser loser, double loser, whatever, as if, get the picture, DUH! " - The Clique, 2008

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