Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Third Year, Second Semester.

Hello! I'm back since that sad last post.

And honestly, I'm not that sad anymore right now... Maybe because I saw my friends in school already! Yep! School's in again! And yeah, I'm also facing a lot of teasing. Especially from Indi. THANK YOU SO MUCH. :))

So, um, lemme tell you about my first day though I'm kinda sleepy already and I need to wake up at 7AM later. It's now 12:15AM. :) So... it went this way.

I woke up at 10am and went to the bathroom to take a bath then got ready for school. Went out past 11am. My first class is at 12pm, History. The professor went a few minutes late.. Then he immediately gave us a small activity. X'D GREAT. But he dismisses us early and we (Inah, Joseph and I) went downstairs to buy ice cream. Then went to TYK Lobby to let time pass. Then Elika, Joy, Paulo, Kristine, and Bhei came and sat with us. :) We talked and talked. I also saw Hershey and her two classmates and...him. :) And then there's this guy. He was friends with Joy and Elika and that tome Elika was beside me and Joy was beside Elika. They did the STAG (the barkada group Joy and Elika were members) handshake. I was just looking at him because he was talking to Joy and Elika but then he offered his hand to me to do the STAG handshake. :O :)))) I was shocked and of course didn't took his hand. Hahahahah. But he's tall and chinito. XD

Second subject was Banquet and Catering 2. And the professor who came in was Mr. Gamier. EMERGERD :O. Thank God he didn't see my pink dip dye or else.... hahahaha. So I'm definitely back to plain hair next week but I'll be using somewhat the same product as I what I used for my violet hair :) Hopefully it'll wash out and my bleached ends will still be there! C:

At home I did my assignment (YES. Already. In History.) while waiting for UFL to start. Then Jhunnel messaged me on Facebook and asked for my number. I gave it. But unfortunately for him, I don't have load. Hahaha. Not planning ti text him first when I have load na though. XD

Sooooooo..... Global FC won. Heartbroken because my team lost but I saw Jeffrey Christiaens so I'm still a bit happy :))

That's all I guess. 9am class tmrw! Wish me luck!!

- Rachel xx

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