Thursday, December 24, 2009

Noche Buena (:

Hello people. (:

Christmas Day tomorrow!
DANG! Days are flying so fast.
Ugh. x[
So, uhh. I'll just tell you how my day is so far.
Well, I woke up @ 10.30A I think? HAHA.
We folded dry clothes while my dad is busy buying ingredients for later's celebration.
Noche Buena later!
We/I watched Showtime.

Then we ate lunch.
My dad bought 'buko'.
My mommy and I prepared Buko Salad.
After that? Computer mania AGAIN. ((:
My dad and my brother was out there, buying some Coke for later's sake.

(: I don't have anything to say.
I'll update tomorrow if I have a chance.

Happy Holidays blog. ;)

Party like a

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