Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

Hmm. My last post was a bit...dramatic. Sorry about that. :) Now I'll make it up to you readers as I tell you about my Valentine's day :)

It was a Tuesday so our classes starts at 9am. Went to school a few minutes late. x) Then we (Kirby and I. As he always waits for me patiently outside school so we go inside the campus together) bought something for Cywin's plan for Beverly. Sweet eh? After buying the balloon, we went inside.

Our professor in English is already there that time, but luckily, he's talking to someone on the phone when we went inside. Of course, all of my classmates thought that Kirby gave me the balloon. Well, that's the plan actually. For them to think that it was mine, not Beverly's. Indi has a bouquet of red roses from Eli!! Before 2nd subject (Philosophy) started, Cywin did the surprise for Bev! He went inside with the balloon we bought and a red rose with a letter! Yeeee. Sweeeeeeet!!!

Time flew so fast and it was Statistics time!!! Yeyyy!! It was our Midterm exam that day. :) And I was so happy cause it was so easy!! I don't hate math. And I don't love it either. I'm just lucky to understand the lessons! ;) Yehessss. I finished early and so did Kirby so, we went outside. On the hallway, we saw Mia and Dale. And we talked a bit. :) Dang! How I miss Mia Claire!!

So we went down and outside the campus cause I need to buy a flower for Joy and Elika. :) Bought two white roses outside school for 35pesos each. T___T Talk about broke! Hahaha. 'Twas okay cause I made them happy! Inside, we went to the Stag tambayan and there we saw Elika and Joy and I gave them their flowers!! They were like, OOOHHH!! THANK YOU CASSIE!!! And I was so happy to make their Valentine's Day happier. :) Then Edward asked, Anong bigay sa'yo ni Shean? (His full name kasi is Shean Kirby). Then I said, Wala. :) YEAH. AS IN NOTHING TALAGA.

Then went around and sat at the high school lobby first. These high school students are rich boys!!! Lotsa bouquets everywhere!! After than, we walked and sat down at the TYK Lobby and reviewed for Finance. Then my right eye wasn't cooperating!!! It hurts everytime I blinked!!! UGHHHH.

It was 2:45p when we went upstairs to wait for our room to be empty. The exam was quite easy. Went out immediately after I finished the exam and sat in front of the Admin Bldg. There we saw Hershey, Gab, Reika, PJ and others. :D Then Hershey stole me from everybody and we walked to the small canteen and when we were walking back, everyone, AS IN EVERYONE, was looking at me!!! OMFG. Then I told Hershey, Bat ganun lahat sila nakatingin sakin? Parang may something.. K. Sabi nya naman wala lang daw. HAHAHAHA.

At 4:30p, we went to our PE. That excludes Kirby, Gab, Hershey, RC, and the others. We just had our midterm exam which was easyyyy.

We finished early enough but then AC was like, late for her date. And my other classmates disappeared in a snap. -_- Reika remained then she told me, Pwede samahan mo ko sa CR, papalit lang ako. I said okay, but then another PE class was blocking the Girl's CR. And I asked her, Nasan si PJ (her boyfriend)? She said, Nauna na magpalit. Then she added, Nanjan na ba? Text mo muna (referring to Kirby). Then I peeked outside the gym and there he was, standing. :)

We went the long way (which by the way I really don't know why). Walked pass the Elementary Bldg. then cut the way going to the field. He stopped and said, dito nalang tayo. I said okay then he opened his bag and I saw this illustration board with a something blue written on it. Then he said, tingin ka muna dun (pointing to TYK Bldg.). But by then he was pulling out the illustration board which has a question mark on it. I said, Ano yan? Ano yan? Then I looked at the 2nd floor of the Old Academic Bldg./MISD and I saw Gab (whom was the biggest of the people there. Then things happened so fast.

Photo source.

And they all stood up holding big, AS IN BIG, illustraion boards that spells, WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND. And yes, he's holding the question mark. Everybody in the UE field saw that. Everybody's looking at me!!! OMG :"""""""> And everybody's saying, "YES!!" "Oo na yan!!" "Sagutin na yan!!".

Then after a few minutes of saying "Ang gara mo!" to Kirby, I grabbed the question mark illustration board from him then I nodded. Sorry I was really speechless that time. See, I was obedient and I listened to them. Kidding! But of course I said yes. Then we went upstairs and there he gave his gift to me (photo to follow). And there they were. MY VERY HELPFUL CLASSMATES WHO DISAPPEARED ON THE END OF OUR PE. THANKS. :)

So that's it. I took the letters for souvenir and I immediately told my Mom and texted my Dad about it. :) And they didn't get angry. :D

And before I forget, thanks to these people: Gab, Hershey, Nel, Tinay (whom I'm not close to), AC, Osit, Precious, Aian, Ivy, RC, Owen, Ayi, Marben, Dale, and Elmo (another not close person to me).

And of course, the awesome-est boyfriend on Earth. Kirby ♥. IKAW NA SWEET! I love you lots ♥♥♥

'Till next time! ;)
Rachel (the not-single-girl-anymore)

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