Monday, April 23, 2012

My First Ever UFL Experience (+ updates)

Updates in pictures! :D

Precious' 18th!
The way to Pampanga. Tanjueco Reunion!
Yay. I'm a redhead now! Since, umm, April 3! And it took me just 400pesos!

Brother's Graduation

Yaaaaay! So happy with my hair now but then the next school year is about to start (June 4) and I need to remove this red on my hair! Luckily the gay on the salon where I got my hair colored gave me and advice. He said that I shouldn't color my hair black (as in jet black) cause it will be hard to put on another color (if I want to, which I'm planning to cause I'm going redhead, if possible, again next summer) on my hair. He suggested that I should put a dark brown shade. :)

  • Kirby already met my parents!! Yep, last April 14 (our 2nd month).
  • PBB! Hahahaha. It started na. Bet? Myrtle and Alec!
Enough of the updates, I can't think of anything else. :3

Woke up at maybe 9am? I can't remember na. Got ready and went out around 12:30pm. It was such a long motor ride to University of Makati since I'm coming from the far away land of Caloocan. We, me and my dad, got there at almost 2pm. Parked at the motorcycle's parking lot, and walked to the track and oval field.

We were supposed to go to the other side of the pitch (where just a few people sits), but then I saw the Philippine Air Force players. Including, of course, the mighty Chieffy Caligdong with the number 14 on his back. BOOM! I told my dad that we should go the other way, where the players and the fans were. So we went there, and while walking, I WAS STARING AT CHIEFFY CALIGDONG. And as he was on me (or so I think he was). C'mon, who wouldn't look at a redhead? Kidding! :)) But then I was wearing my sunglasses that time so we didn't had an eye-to-eye contact. I also saw Manong Ian Araneta!!! ASDFGHJKL.

We went down the stairs to get to the main bleachers and there I saw a Phil. Air Force staff. IDK who he was but I was staring. Sorry, I really can't help it. And then I saw the sign "LOCKER ROOM". I was tempted to peek but, yeah, I didn't. :)))) I also saw the shirts sideways which are being sold. Later I found out it was the The 12th Man. The game started and later on Phil and James Younghusband came and sat behind us! I WAS STARTLED! I didn't even had the courage to say Hi or even take a stolen shot of the Younghusband brothers. Here's a photo I found on the UFL Facebook Page.

You can see me in the lower right. The redhead one :D
Photo source. Credits to the owner.

As the game was ongoing, an audience was shouting really loud. She is on Kaya side, of course. But yeah, she's bashing Manong Ian Araneta :( That makes me really sad!!! T____T I'm a fan of both teams eh! I just love Kaya more! But...ugh. Wala lang talaga siguro siyang knowledge sa mga nagawa ni Manong Ian sa bansa :( Pero sana di na nag-bash!

The game ended in the score 3-1 in favor of Kaya FC. We watched the second game between Loyola Meralco Sparks and Green Archers United. In fulltime, the score was 3-2, and of course, Loyola Meralco Sparks won. :) After that we went home.

My first UFL experience was great! Since the team I was rooting for won!! And I'm definitely going to one again! :) For the pictures, scroll down.

'Till next time.
Rachel, the Kaya Girl.

"Saba pogi! Saba pogi! Saba pogi!" as the Ultras Kaya sang it :3

Fulltime: Kaya FC 3 - 1 Philippine Air Force Phoenix

Kaya FC celebrating the win! \:D/