Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So long.

Gah! So many days have passed and I haven't blogged a thing. So here. A summary! :D

July 2, 2010
It was the day I finally said my feelings towards him. And I think it went well. . .he feels the same. And I really think that's good. :D Well, uh, everything that day was fine. And I kinda remember his texts that day. :] Which I'll post later. :P

July 3, 2010
This day was Eclipse day! :D Though I was a bot sad because Dowy cancelled last minute! UGGGGH. So I watched it by myself. It went good. Though my Push Pop isn't cooperating. I don't have anythaaaang to eat. And I didn't eat anything. :P I just bought some things and went to National Book Store at Trinoma. And then I discovered my weakness: Ballpens. Sucks yeah. Masyadong simple para maging weakness. But I loooove buying it talaga. Especially colored ones. :) So better give me one. Or a cute notebook/journal/diary! :D That would make me happy.

July 4, 2010
This day was really scheduled for a group-work-slash-lakwatsa. Why lakwatsa? HELLO!?! Students at Roxas Boulevard searching for a hotel they can interview or ask a lot of questions isn't called a lakwatsa? Hahaha. For me it is. So I decided not to come. I was so happy, because I'm saved from all the dramas for that day with my not-so-close-college-classmates and from the superb heat of the f-ing sun. At least I conserved energy right? Okaaaaaaay. I'm lazy. Lazy enough to ditch them. But on the other hand a bit sad. Cause I'm planning to go on a friend's house after that. But I didn't went out so, another parusa. :( Sorry to you if you're reading this. Well, anyway. This day's a mess. I wont tell anymore.

14th day // July 5, 2010
Uh. I barely remember this day. But I'm thinking it's a bit not too great. That's all. Thank you! :D

15th day // July 6, 2010
Dreamt of somebody that's why I woke up. But on the dream, it wasn't his face I saw. A different face with the same name, same school where he studies, same year he is at. How odd! XD Anyways, CAS Acquaintance Party is so not a party. Swear to life. It was held on MPH, which by the way is so so hot today unlike the first time we were there. We stayed there for two hours then went to EN 111 with the gay-looking lady prof. I told you, I'm mean. So it went well. Then NS 105 was so great. We went to TYK 3rd floor, then to the computer room! There's a lecture on the computer and you have to perfect the quiz given after. ;) It's so good! Thursday again! YAAAAAAAAAAY! :D :D Then P.E came and started on the UE's cheers and yells. :) T'was fun fun. Yay! Anyway, I have the Psychology book I borrowed from Ate Essa. After P.E, I just went home and did this. And I hate you.

That's it! Quite long ehy? :|

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