Friday, July 2, 2010


Yey! It's Friday! Which means I'm gonna watch Eclipse tomorrow! Anyways, I'm gonna tell you people what happened to my Thursday and Friday. :)

12th day // July 1, 2010
Yay! It's the first day of July and everything should be good/better/best! :) NS 104A is a no prof class this day. Me? Soundtrip lang ayos na. And then I talked a bit. :)))) Hahahaha. I'm so excited for the next class which is EN 111. English beybeh! :D I though Ms. Orlina would be the one attending our class, but . . . . no. :( Too bad. The lady came doesn't look like a lady. She looks like a gay. I really thought she was a gay. Yes, I'm that mean. So she just talked and talked and talked. Gah. Irritating. Then NS 105 came. Lecture again. Everyday naman eh. P.E is great!! SUPER!! I'm really excited on UAAP! :) :) :) Then after P.E, went home and chat and chat with . . . sino nga ba? Hahaha. JK. :)


13th day // July 2, 2010
Thank God it's f-ing Friday. Yesss! Tomorrow naaaaa! Woke up at 7am. Then did my 'things'. Haha. Went to Mini Stop as a meeting place for our section. :) Baet kame ii. Went upstairs at 8.20am. Can't be late eh. FI 101 is great. Though a lot of us were absent. Did some discussionthen groupings. TOUR 101. As usual, discussion. And groupings. :) PSY 101 is so . . great. Haha. I'm loving it! :) Yes. Hahaha. Then HRM 101. Going out on Sunday to search for a bonggacious hotel at Roxas Blvd. where we can conduct an interview. It sucks. Gah. Then went out na, kasi time na eh. Cyrus treated us at Master Siomai. Thanks Cy! It's his birthday kase. I'll post pictures some other day. Went there with Cy (the Birthday Boy), Ady, Rhone, Mark Joseph, Karl, and two other girls which I think was Cy's ex-highschool-classmates. :) He treated us Siomai Rice, Beef Ramen, and Gulaman. That was a total of 64 pesos each. And we were 8. Hahaha. :) Then went home immediately after eating. Thank you so much Cy!! :D :D At home, texted a few mintues. Then got sleepy, so I slept. Woke up at 5pm. Online agad. Then Dowy cancelled for tomorrow! Gah! So, wala na ako kasama. :( Wala daw siyang B = Budget. Loner again tomorrow. Well, I really should look on the bright side that I'm going to watch Eclipse tomorrow!! :D

Currently waiting for a person to get online. HMP! :((

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