Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Yes. It's you. Hahaha. I mean him. :) Yessss. I'm happy right now. Lemme tell you about what happened kanina.

Today was hell day. Three midterms in one day. WTH. FI101, TOUR101, and HRM101. Ohmy. It went well. Yes, all of it. :D I reviewed and I hope that's enough. Two tests tmrw. Psychology is SOUR TAPE time!!! But so expensive!!! 4 pesos per piece!! OHMAAAAAAAAAY!!! Uwian. Uwian time was sooooo great. As we go out, we saw Dave and Mark on their way back to UE. Then they stopped because they saw us. I think Mark was looking for Dowy. Then we just talked and talked outside MiniStop. OUTSIDE = HOTNESS. I was laughing all the time. Effin' Dowy and Dave. Super laughtrip. Dowy wanted to go to the chapel inside UE, but I insisted "No". The chapel was full of students and professors. I'm guessing that it's triple the hotness there. Okay. So I told her that we should go to San Roque Cathedral na lang. She agreed and went there with Dave. :D At the church, it was great. I had a great time though I don't go to church. For real. Hate me for this but it's not on my vocabulary to go to church. But I have God in my heart. I love Him. Yes. So after going to church, we went to MiniStop. Not MiniStop on UE but, there near the Plaza, City Hall, and San Roque. I bought Root Beer. Dowy bought Coke and Kariman Ham and Cheese which by the way is soooooo tigas nung ham!!! And the cheese was color brown!! WTHWTH. Then treated Dave a drink, Sting. Hahahaha. Too bad he didn't dance. We just laughed and laughed all the time we were there. We went home 2pm. We walked with Dave until 2nd street. Then Dowy went to our house. But not inside. :) Then she went home na. I had a great time. Soooooooper!

SOUR TAPES TMRW! :) Hahahahaha. Love this day. And before I forget writing this, here:


Yeeeahhh. KBYENOW.

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