Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Letter for who.

Dear You,

You. Yes you. I'm sure you know who you are. I know we had that connection. I felt the love between us. You said you felt the same way that night. I still have your sweet texts on my phone.... I miss you. I miss everything. I miss how we talked every afternoon until night. I miss how we say those three words to each other.

Parusa. Remember that? Hahaha. I still haven't done those two. When will I do it?

Hey, I also wanna say I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all of those "katangahan". Major major na katangahan. You know what? I regret what I've done. I've been so jealous despite the fact that there is no "US". I also hated you for putting her picture on your Y!Messenger. I was like "If he loves me then why is it that it is her on his avatar?". I was so stupid. I was stupid to feel jealousy despite the fact that we're not together. I was stupid not to say YES when you ask me "Tayo na ba?"

I miss the old times. And through this, I want to ask you something. Why did we stopped talking to each other? Really, I don't know why. I never knew why. Just answer me. Please?

And for the record, I still can't fully move on. But thanks for everything. I felt love. I felt I was loved. Thanks for that. And I hope we can still be friends. :)


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