Saturday, November 13, 2010

Second semester.

Hi. Haven't blog in a while so Imma update you guys.

Second sem has started. I'm in section 2B. HRM 2B. And wth. They were classmates last sem! Almost all of them. Oh, and btw, Cywin and Dale are my classmates again. So everything went fine on the first day. :) Nakasundo ko naman kaagad sila.

Super happy day is November 11! We're all so happy that day though Elika is not in super-good-terms with her barkada. We decided to play Pass The Message. :D Me, Elika, Edward, Dianne, Catherine, Michelle, Jerli, Thea, Princess, Reika, Precious, Ivy, Ara and AC played. I think that's all. Maybe I forgot some. Hahaha. So first the "taya" is Thea. Then Ara, then Catherine. The boyzz came and we're cheering Catherine, "Sasayaw na yan!". SUPER INGAY. At the end, we just put powder on her face then Sir Lupus (? ohno. idkthespelling.) came.

Oh and I survived the first week though I already have one absent. :( So another week this Monday! Good luck to me!!


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