Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's a maybe.

Hi! I haven't been here since I don't know when. :))) So I'm really enjoying this second sem!! Oh and we'll have the chance to cook na!!! On December, we'll start cooking! And I'll have my own Chef's Uniform! :D I'm happyyyy. But. :( Okay I'll tell you guys. This is all about that effin' uniform. I really like a design that is like this.

There's one available on SM. 600 pesos with slacks. But my mom insisted that we should wait for what my dad has for me. A friend of his who's going to be back here on Pinas on the 29th. My dad got a Chef's Uniform from the ship. I don't know how. So I still have to wait for that but.... I WANT THAT DESIGN ON THE PICTURE!!!!!

Ughhhhh. So irritating. But who am I not to follow my mom right? Okay. Bye. Useless.

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