Thursday, November 4, 2010

Three nights.

It's been a while since I blogged a good one. The last one was garbage. It shouldn't be here but I can't delete it.

Well, my birthday's a blast! It was so much fun! But of course, my dad's out of the country again. And the satrt of second sem is near. It's on Monday!! Oh, I also had my first two shots of shhhh. Secret! But it was a great experience. For the second time, my skin is punctured by a needle of a syringe. :D

The title is all about me. I've been crying for three consecutive nights already. The first one was really, really hard. And this night was another again. And it's all because of a boy. Because of this boy. Dang. I have mentioned him once in here. And wrote a letter for him here. If you'll read back my blogs, he's on my July posts. Okay. I'm not desperate to have a boyfriend but I'm really into him. Call it whatever you want but I still have feelings for him.

Well, last night, I told him my long (?) kept feelings. I had enough courage to tell him last night. I should post what I've said but no.

Of course he read it. I was waiting for anything he'll say. I don't care if he says something negative that will break my heart or something that will lighten up my gloomy day but .... nothing. It was pointless waiting ang I don't want to ask him either.

I haven't had sleep since 7pm yesterday. :P


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