Sunday, December 19, 2010

Divisoria + Lakwatsa.

Yesterday was a blur. So many people at Divisoria. Maygasss. We bought two Hello Kitty stuffed toys. :D For two of my dad's goddaughter (inaanak). Then Mom bought me a dress (?). Idk if I'll call it a dress. Hindi ko pa na-pi-picture-an. Yeah. You guys just wait until I'm wearing it na. :))) We also bought some lights. My brother's room hazz no lights. :))) Oh and I had a haircut too. :D

Sorry if my picture is on negative. :)))

And a while ago... Mom and I went out to meet her chatmate. Whatthehell. So many people on LRT. I didn't know that some students undergoes that kind of hassle when they go to school. And for that, I consider myself lucky. Haha! So we ate at Chowking on Metro Point Mall. I ate Emperor's Beef Noodles (as always) with Black Gulaman and Halo-halo Special. It was a treat. :D Haha! I was so full I didn't ate all that was left on the Halo-halo besides the ingredients. We went home by 2:30PM. Rode LRT. From Edsa Station to Monumento Station. HAHAHA. Almost dulo't dulo na. Then we went to Grand Central/Ever Gotesco Mall. For what? Well, I finally said it to my mom. That I want other shades of eye shadow. I told my mom about it yesterday when we're still at Divisoria. She said that we shouldn't buy one on Divi. So we decided to buy today. We went immediately to the cosmetic section of the mall. Ever Bilena or Nichido? What? I decided to buy one on Ever Bilena. :D It costs P375.00. It's called Ever Bilena Advance 24's eyeshadow. I like it a lot. The saleslady was showing me another set. I think that was 16's. But I like this more. The colors are cute! Here's a picture I got from the internet.*

Cuteness overload! Hahaha. Ang cute ng colors!! I'm super excited to use it! Imma try it laturrr. ;) Oh, we also bought a blush on. :D Color is Cheek. I hope you saw my mom's face when the saleslady applied it on me. :))) Well here's a picture of it. Found it somewhere out here the net world.**

It looks good on me!! HAHAHAHA. Well Imma try it later morning. This blogging went from evening to dawn. :))) OKAY BYE!! :D

*Pictures from this blog.
**Pictures from this blog.

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