Friday, December 17, 2010

Sorry for not visiting often.

Hi. Christmas break is here and I haven't wrote anything here since forever. :))) Sorry for that.

Well, I love love my classmates and everything is going fine right now. We've finished three exams already. :) Three exams next year. Then thesis plus disturbing English. Yeah, I'm kinda hating English right now. :(

PDR is kinda annoying too. We need to put make up every meeting. So every Monday and Wednesday. It's annoying cause I only have one set of eyeshadow. Consisting of colors black matte, black shimmery, grey and white. DANG! My make up is always the same! I can't wear too dark make up cause our professor will notice me. So I'm planning to brag my mom about buying me a new set of cheap-o eyeshadow. We'll be going to Divisoria tomorrow so I think I should brag her. :))) Hahahaha.

Oh and I also need a blush on and bronzer. Whatthehellright? I search on the net world what color of blush would be right for my skin and this is what I saw.

"Remember, the darker your skin tone, the darker your blush should be. Women with fair complexions usually look best in pink or coral shades, while darker complexions are enhanced by wine or burgundy hues."

Got that here. Uh, so how am I supposed to choose what is right for me. I wont buy a cheap-o blush. :D Maybe I'll buy at Nichido on Christmas break. Oh, let me correct that. Not me, my mom. Hahaha.

I also need, uhhhhh.. No more make up I think? Haha!

Well, I need a new phone. Yeah. This time I'm super sure!
Samsung B7330 OmniaPRO

or Samsung B7320 OmniaPRO. :D

There!! I really want a full QWERTY keypad. Wala akong keypad ngayon e. So I want one of those two. Just that two. Or BlackBerry. But I still need to wait for June. June means my dad is home. DANG! I can't wait until June! :( My brother has iTouch in an instant and I want mine in an instant too!! :(((( But yeah, my mom doesn't know about the iTouch thing yet. But the iTouch costs 11thou. And yea. According to KimStore B7330 OmniaPRO costs P12,500. Quite pricey so I might not settle on that one. B7320 OmniaPRO os worth P8,800. There. I think I'll pick B7320. But I still don't know when I'll get those. :( I want a new phone now cause this touchscreen phone that I have sucks. LIKE HELL. :( I'm such a good sibling to my brother that I don't brag him to exchange phones with me again.

Ok. Too much drama. I'm out. Have to be up early tomorrow! :D Please make up PLEASE!!

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