Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Yess. The title says it all. I kinda want to dye my hair since 4th year HS. I really like to have red on my hair. So I planned this Christmas break I'm gonna have these streaks I've been wanting. I already told my mom about it and she agreed. So it's all set. And it's also the reason why I decided to get a haircut in the first place! I'm really going for it! Anyway, I saw this video on YouTube and this is kinda helpful. :)

It shows here how to bleach your hair. And she's using a blue hair color. :) Super helpful BUT she's using an international brand. :))

Here's another one and she's using pink. It's a bit helpful though. :)) But she's messy. Haha!!

I'm planning to have it on a salon since my hair have to undergo bleaching before I can reach my RED streaks!!! :D Yeeeeeaaaah. I'm super excited and I'm out! ;)

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