Saturday, October 29, 2011

I'm back! And I'm temporarily enrolled :)

Wew! Finally found a way to blog through my phone. So, hello random reader! Welcome to my blog and I would like you to know that I'll be updating this blog more often than before. :)

Regarding the title, Yes, I'm temporarily enrollled by now. I just have to pay the down payment before November 3 (which is btw 7,500Php) then I can relax and tell myself "You just have to wait for November 9 to come!".

So yeah, I did that temporary enrollment yesterday afternoon with my blockmates namely Joyce, Gia, AC, Ivy, Marben, Dale, Adelle and Jerlee. We were really rooting for the HRM2D section but it wasn't open until 1PM I think..? There. I came to school at almost 11am. I was late, as usual. :)) I went immediately to 3rd floor TYK Building cause my blockmates are there. They were with Michelle and Beryl at the place where free sections choose their subjects. Joyce was talking to HRM and Tourism Department Head, Miss Repuesto (not quite sure if she's a Miss or Mrs.).. Joyce was pleading her to open the HRM2D section. She told Joyce that we should go to Mr. Gamier (a professor in Tourism and HRM Department). He was assigned on the advising thing. We went upstairs, 4th floor, and talked to Mr. Gamier. He said that if really want that section, we should wait for it to open cause they were still using the unused slots on the HRM3D section.

We went out of the room frustrated and sat on the stairs. We were deciding on what section we're going to take. If it is 3D or 2D. 3D was okay. But 2D??s schedule is way better. 12nn came and it was lunch break. We decided to eat at McDonalds, Victory Mall branch. US minus Adelle and Jerlee ate there and was treated by Joyce. Gomawo Chingu~! ^-^

After eating we decided to head back to school and give 2D a last chance. Again, 3rd floor TYK. There, we saw Adelle and Jerlee. We were pleading and talking to the guy at the counter for HRM 2nd year & 3rd year. Then a lady came. We taled to her again and she talked to someone we don't know who. After talking to that person, she came back to us carrying the PEF (PEF stands for Enrollment Form. I can't remember what P stands for.) for HRM2D. We really can't believe it. After getting our PEFs I texted Kirby immediately so that he could get his PEF. We went to TYK 409 for advising. We saw Mr. Gamier again. Hahaha. He signed our PEFs and we headed to the encoding room.

Our pre-saved subjects online were there already so that was just a fast pace of the enrollment. Then, we got our printed RCs!!! RC stands for Registration Card. Went downstairs cause Gia, Joyce and AC was going to pay for the down payment right away. It was a long line enjoyed with Gia and thhere I saw Kirby (and his mother) and he got his HRM2D PEF already. After Gia had paid, we were supposed to wait for Tinay but she said we can go home na.

T'was a long day at school enjoyed with friends. At home, I decided to clean up the mess in my room and I'm kinda succesfull doing it.

So long Reader!
#4DaysToGo <3

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