Friday, February 25, 2011

EDSA I Anniversary

Yes. Today is the 43rd anniversary of EDSA I. And I'm blogging not because of EDSA but because yesterday was a blur.

I went to school in the afternoon to study 3 subjects. But, due to the laziness of my two professors, there was just one class for the day. At 3PM we were allowed to go home. But of course I didn't go home. :)))) It is because I'm busy spotting and staring at my crush. Let me name him Mr. M. I'll tell you about him on my next blog (maybe later when I wake up).

Mr. M was the classmate of Indiana, my classmate and very close friend, last semester. They were pretty close and Indi knows I have a crush on him. Well, I already saw him right before 1:30 class started. He was wearing a shirt with a hoodie. Indi called him when we were about to go downstairs. She said, "****! Si Cassie oh!". Then Mr. M said "Hi Cassie! :) *waves his looooooooooong hands*. Okay. I looked but I didn't say 'Hi' back. I smiled at him. It was major major KV.

Then 4:30PM came. It was the end of their second class (and ours too but our professor was absent). Indi went to Mr. M and talked to him. (The next details are all according to my dear friend, Indi) She told him that she wants to formally introduce me to him. She said he has so many excuses like he's not feeling well, etc.. But then the real reason is this: the girl he was courting might get mad.

Dang! Whatta lousy excuse! But this made me good-mood-with-KV turn to bad. I immediately went quiet. I was with Reika and Indi that time. We were waiting for a guy who will help us on doing some surveys (thesis). And yeah. I realized when I got home that, he was really a good guy. He is focused on one girl. Just one girl. And I liked it.

At home, I was quiet. And sleepy. I was watching some cartoon Detective Conan when my mom said, "Ano daw gusto niyong pasalubong?" (What do you want to have as a present?). I was like, from who?! And it was like she heard me, "Sabi ni Mahal." (Mahal asked.). That 'Mahal' was one of the girl chatmates of my mom. It was like their call sign or something. My brother said, "CHOCOLATES! REESE'S!". And I was like, Haaa? You a kid? :))) HAHAHA.

The first thing that came into my mind was: Make Up. Yes. What more? She's currently living in Florida. And, I want something that I can use for a long time like a bag or something and this was what I thought of. Then I asked my mom if she need an answer now. Cause Miss Maia (Mahal=Maia) is coming to Pinas on March 23 pa! She said, it's okay if I can't give an answer now. Then she asked me what was on my mind and I told her make up.

I already know that Coastal Scents is distributed/ordered online. And Sedonalace is also the same I think? So we went upstairs to tell Miss Maia what I want. And poof! She agreed!! YEEEY. And now I'm super excited cause she told my mom she found one na! Maybe where to buy one. I can't wait till March 23!!! HAHAHAA.

Oh, and you guys watch out for my posts about Mr. M and My Saturday Cheap Shopping!

Well, I have to leave now cause I'm sleepy and it's almost 3am here!! Sweet dreams!

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