Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy Seventeenth Birthday Aria Daniella Clemente //

The title is like that mainly because her post titles on her blog has two slash in the end.

Dear Aria,
   So, if you're reading this. ASDFGHJKL :"> Hi. :) Happy 17th birthday to you! We're on the same age now! YAY! But I'm turning 18 on November soo...... I'm older than you. It's 20 minutes 'till your birthday and I don't know if I can finish this. Errr. I really don't know what to say..
   I've been in love with you since Mara Clara days but then I didn't follow you around like a crazy stalker but, yeah.. I've been updated now and then. :) Err yeah.
   You're a really super talented lady (wow lady) and I don't know why ABS-CBN haven't given you a BIG break yet! But I think that will happen in a short time... :) Tiwala lang tayo. And I'll be one of those who will buy your album! I love your voice!! Actually, you inspired me to do cover songs but then, isa pa lang ang na-i-po-post ko sa internet. XD But at least diba?
   I e-mailed you once to ask about some things and you replied!! I was really happy! And you replied to me on Twitter na din so, thank youuuuuuu! :*
   I havent been tweeting the boys (of One Direction) and their Twitter account everyday about your Gotta Be You video as I promised but I'll never stop! :D
   And I may not be able to give this to you in person, but here's my gift!

Continue inspiring a lot of people! And more blog posts please!
Happy Seventeenth Birthday again! Have a good one, okay? God Bless! :DD

Love always,
Rachel x

P.S. Can I have your sweaters? :3 If not, please tell me where you buy them!!

The Girl in the Fake Nerd Glasses
(My favorite picture of Aria so far.)

Here's Aria's cover of Gotta Be You. Watch! :D

Oh God, I'm inlove with her sweater. Where did she buy it? x

(Source of Aria Clemente's pictures: @ariaclemente on Instagram)
(Aria Clemente's Gotta Be You Video: arialovesuke on Youtube)
(Edited by: Rachel Anne Palma © 2012. Original size here)

- Rachel xx

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