Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Mistress + Bar Tour Part I.

Hello! On my last post I said that I might be around more often but I haven't. Sorry but I don't have anything exciting/worth blogging happening in my life until last Saturday.

We had a bar tour on T.G.I.Friday's Malate.

We waited for Indi at MRT North Avenue Station for maybe an hour. What is late right. Hahaha. Rode the train for almost an hour. And yeah, before the seminar, we watched The Mistress! It was Inah's treat to us cause she just turned 18 last Tuesday. :D So we went inside the movie house a bit late and the movie was already playing for about 10 minutes. So we stayed until the movie was played again then left until we reached the part where we started watching.

Then we immediately went to T.G.I.Friday's ang there we saw some of our classmates and professors. :) After about 30 minutes the seminar started and it was so much fun!! Then we ate some delicious food from T.G.I.Friday's. Immediately went home because it was around 7pm then.

Got home around 8pm I guess? Then slept early because Kirby and I went out the day after. :)

That's all folks! Part II will be the pictures! I'll post it through the web and not on phone. c:

- Rachel xx

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