Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday update.

No classes due to President Noynoy's inauguration. ;) And Eclipse is showing
na! Anyways, here's the past 2 days.

10th day // June 28, 2010
Everything this day is goooooooooood. :) Can't remember much about this. Ugh. Sarreh. This day went better when I got home! :D Chat with Marc. :)


11th day // June 29, 2010
This is the most unlikeable-slash-likeable day. Super! Gaaaaah. NS 104A was.... cold? Haha. It's basically because we room-ed at TYK MMR3B. Ugh. It was so cold. But fun. :) After NS 104A, we went back to Eng. Bldg. but, our new prof in English, Ms. Something (I can't remember her surname), said that she wouldn't be our professor. Yaay! So much for making such hard sentences for her assignment. Hahaha. Well, of course, no prof = noise. We sat on the place near the window. Basta dun. May elevated place kasi near the window. So there. Took a lot of pictures. :) Then went outside to buy some food with Karl, Dowy, Louisse and Cy. :) Bought fries at Potato Corner. Oh my. So pricey. 25 pesos. OHGAHD. OVERPRICE MUCH?

That's the size. See. Picture pa lang yan, pano pa pag real deal na? Gash. Then went upstairs, change outfit to P.E uniform. :) Took pictures again. We all got shocked when Dr. Padilla came. He's our temporary NS 105 professor. :( Too bad. He's so good and we like him na. After NS105 is P.E. No P.E!!! :D Yeaaaaa. So we went out na.

Went to Ministop to treat Carlo an ice cream (cause he won our pustahan - kung may P.E or wala). Too bad it isn't available that day. Then went to a starbucks-like-coffe-shop. Quite pricey. Treated Rhone a 45 peso Vanilla-echos. Gah. Can't remember the name. Then went to Tapsilogan ni Mama Leng. :)) They ate, I didn't. Took some pictures. Afterwards, we left the karinderya. ** I should've gone home!!! ** Went to 7eleven MCU. Gah. May inuman kase. Rhone, Dowy and I went but we don't drink things like those. The others came. Yung mga pasimuno. Then went to a club-slash-bar. I don't know what to call it. I don't want to go inside. But they insisted. Karl was pushing me and I didn't liked it. Really. It was so loud inside. The music bangs to your ears. Party music to be exact. So dark inside too. I didn't thought that we will be going to a place like that. I thought we're going to a house or something. But really, really not like that. Then they ordered drinks and puff some cigarettes. Even the three girls who are my classmates. Gosh. I can't believe it. I thought they're not like that. I just shut my mouth so I can't say nasty words. I really want to leave immediately. Rhone left first, personal reasons. Then me. Went home immediately. Naabutan pa ng ulan. Nag-unli sa TnT. Para magpaalam sa mga katext doon. At home, no electicity!!! :((( At 6pm it came back. ;) Then chat with Marc. :]

That's it. Going to watch Eclipse on Saturday!!! :D

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