Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hi! I'm just here to update. :) This blog has been sleeping for a while. :))

Well, midterm exams on Filipino and Tour102. We were so nervous that the moment somebody arrives, this is what happens. Boy/Girl arrives, puts down his/her bag, sits down and opens his/her bag, looks for his/her reviewer on Tour102 and Filipino, reviews. :))) Everyone of those who arrived did this. T'was so funny! Like we're robots. But then, 1:30PM came and we have to face the fact that midterm on Tour102 is going to happen. Then OMGEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. The exam on Tour102 was super easy!!!!!! UGHHH. So much for reviewing a lot on the subject!

PDR was super great. As in super! We practiced modelling on stage!! Hahahaha. Super great! :)

FI112 came. Average. A bit hard on some items. Oh, and we have to use our phones cause we need a calculator! Hahaha. I was expecting that some of my classmates will text others (including me) what is the answer on a particular number! And I was right! Norel was the first one to send a text or a group message! :))))

Norel: Anung meaning ng APA? (What's the meaning of APA?)
I replied (IKR. I'm super nice.): American Psychological Association
I texted Norel again: Ano sg0t test 4. (What's the answer on test 4?)
Bacs: anu meaning ng apa ? (What's the meaning of APA ? ~ AGAIN.)
I replied: American Psychological Association
Norel didn't even bother to reply on my text/question. >:( He sent a group message again.
Norel: ,ung test 5 p ung thesis?.. (Is test 5 about the thesis? ~ I think this is what he's trying to say.)
Anu ung 3 suliranin? (What are the 3 problems?)
At ung sakLaw at limitasy0n! (And the scope and limitations!)
Dianne: Pano yung test4. Yung 1-8 (How to answer test 4. The one that is 1-8)
Bacs: pnu test 4 1-8 ? enge sagot ü (How to answer test 4 1-8 ? Give me an answer.)
Bacs: help test 2 haha xD
I sent a group message to Dianne, Bacs, Edward and Norel: Nu anSwer test4. (What's the answer on test4.)

There. So much for cheating right? But then I still didn't cheat cause no one replied. That's it for the update! Hope you enjoyed. 'Till next time!