Monday, February 21, 2011


That's mee!! HI! I haven't been around since forever. So here's an update to all of my wonderful followers! :)

Well, I'm super excited on our modelling. Yes. That's required on one of my subjects. That would be equivalent to our final exam. And, hey hey!! We will have our indoor pictorial this week and outdoor pictorial next week!! Yahahaha. I'm super happy and this would be my schedule from this week until next next week.

And, yeah. According to this schedule of mine, I need to have some money to buy those make up I've been dying to get or I need to get. :)

And here's a list. :)
Aido Lipstick in letter L - P50.00
Fashion 21 Red Romance (idk what shade yet) - P150.00
Ever Bilena Black Eyeliner (for everyday use. I don't want to use my IN2IT eyeliner everyday. Haha!) - P80.00
Liquid Eyeliner with a felt tip applicator - around P100.00

If I happen to be in Trinoma for next week or this week, I'll buy the following.
G-Lish GELATO EYESCREAM in #15 and #07 - (P60.00 each) P120.00
G-Lish GLOSS - P60.00

First Set: P380.00
Second Set: P180.00

OHMY. How am I supposed to save that. :))) Well, the second set isn't a need. Just a want. :)) So I can skip buying that. I need the first set for next week na! OMGASSSS. Oh please God, help me save money. Let me explain it to you.
Money for school. 100/day.
Remaining days of this week - 5 - no classes on friday!
So that means, P500 left.

500 - 380 = 120
That means I can still spend 120 on daily jeepney fair which is 7 pesos every ride. So that would be...
7 x 5 = 35
120 - 35 = 85
YESSSS. I have to do this kind of saving. Have to control every little thing I spend. And please, (talking to myself) CONTROL. Haaaay. Why is it so hard to save money?

Okayyy. I'm going to continue this on my next post. Maybe tomorrow? Haha. Have to get some sleep! Goodnight!

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