Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Indoor Pictorial

YEEEEEEEEEY! I'm super happy and I think it will be great!!! OMG!! We had our pictorial a while ago at school. :) I'm super happy! It was my first time and it was great. The ladies who are taking pictures are so friendly. And the one said, "I love your eyes!". Hahaha. Thanks for that. ;)

Well, my wonderful budget for the week is fcked up. First, I messed up with the computation because I wrote it last Monday, so I have 4 days left for the whole week and I stated on my previous post that I still have 500 pesos to spend. Did you guys get it? Well, I edited the First Set (see this) and what I got was this.

BUDGET: 350.00

List of things to buy:
` Aido Lipstick in L - 50.00

` Aido Lipstick (Pink-ish shade) - 50.00
` Ever Bilena Pencil Eyeliner - 80.00
` Liquid Eyeliner (with felt tip applicator) - 100.00 (not sure of the price)
Total: 280.00

That's much much better right? The total is a bit lower than my budget so I can still buy some other things! :D

OHMYGASH. I forgot! I lost my mirror earlier at school! :( So I need to buy one again! :(( UGGHH. Well that's my list on what I will buy on Saturday.

Oh and on Saturday too!! I will have my red streaks and some gold too! HAhaha. This is a picture I edited on photoshop and did some samples. HAHAHA. Crappy edit. XD

Crappy yes, I know. Hahaha. Crappy on everything. :))) That is the best I can do. So there.. What do you expect? I made that last night before sleeping.

And again, I'm excited for Saturday. Not just because I'm getting my red-and-gold streaks, but also on what I'm gonna buy. So, I'll be here again tomorrow I think? Bye!

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