Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shop. Shop. Shopped.

Ye-hess! Finally, my dad have bought me clothes na! After that mega-overwhelminng buying of FMCC Dogtag last Friday (August 27, 2010) and of Candy Magazine Sept. Issue on the same day, we went to SM North Edsa the next day.

We went out around 2PM. Rode a taxi na walang aircon. x[ When we arrived, we went immediately to the make up section to buy Mommy's lipstick and powder. Then nag-pa-make up din si Mama. It's free when you buy make up. After that, we went up to the third floor, still on SM Department Store. We searched for pants. I really really want that acid pants (will be shown after this paragraph)!!! But it was their last piece so I didn't buy it. The hell. I was so unlucky and pissed. x(

I also searched for some cute tops that matches my taste. There's some on BUM. :D But it's quite expensive that I'd rather buy on Divisoria than on SM. I didn't search again. I was pissed. I don't want saleslady/salesman to follow me around and ask what I want or idon'tknow!!! WTH. Puh-leez, I'm gunna talk to you when I want to! >:[

Anyways, we walked around and after a while, we went back to searching for a top and bottom which I like. Then I saw this cute capri pants on BNY. :D And I saw this cute top on BUM.

We searched again but i already fell in love with the BNY capri pants. :) Then went to Jagthug and saw this major major cute top.

Yezz. Major cuteness!!! :D :D It isn't that much expensive. Top: Jagthug, P499.75; Bottom: BNY, P350.00. I was so happy back then!!

Then we went to Razon's by Guagua to try their famous Halo-halo.

I took those while we're waiting. Then the Famous Halo-halo came.

CAN YOU SEE THAT????? DAMMIT!! Major major fail compared to Chowking's Halo-halo (right). This is what you call Halo-halo??? Irregardless of the ice cream on Chowking's Halo-halo, it is still a major fail and major not-to-buy-or-try Halo-halo. And for the record? The only ingredient I tasted a lot is saging (banana). Then it has bean. Yes, just one. And this is so frustrating!! This is 85 pesos?? WTH.

After eating that Saging-con-Yelo-slash-Halo-halo, we went to the furniture section inside SM Department Store.

Then went home around 8pm. ;) Whatta fun day yesterday. Love it much.

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