Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blackberry Madness.

Title will be explained laturrr.

Okay. Umm, hi there reader. :) It's raining hard outside and I'm waiting for Agua Bendita on TV. I can't afford to miss it cause I watched it from the first episode up to now. It's their last week so . . . ayun. XD

Anyways, as said earlier "The title will be explained laturrr.", here it is. Well, I'm basically craving for BlackBerry. BlackBerry Bold 9700 to be exact. Btw, it's Agua Bendita na! So, going back to BlackBerry, yes. I'm gonna buy one. But it will be next year. For sure yon. Soooper. Imma explain why. My everyday baon is 100 pesos. So, every week I have 500 pesos and 100 pesos there would be used for whole week's expenses. Yes. Everything equals 100. I can do that. Promise. I should. I should. Going back, 400 pesos per week is enough. 1200 or 1600 pesos per month depending on how many weekdays a particular month has. So that's it. 19200 pesos in 12 months. So in 14 months I can surely buy BlackBerry. But of course, it should have a continuous 100 pesos per day. And minus my other expenses pa. So maybe total of 18 months before I get my very own BlackBerry. Siguro mababa na din presyo ng BB nun noh? Ugh. Wish ko lang.

Anyways, here are the BlackBerry units I like as of now.

So enough of this. :) BYE. Thanks for listening to my rants.

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