Friday, August 13, 2010

Haircut = Done. :D

Yes. Haha. Just answering your questions regarding the title. I just had a haircut. And it's so cool!! Like Taylor Momsen's hair on Gossip Girl Season 2. Yes. It's so cool!!

Like that but of course not the hair color. Well, I'll make pa-kulay next time! Red highlights!!

Oh. BTW, I'll go to Ina's crib tmrw then I'll make pa-print some pictures for Envi. Sci. Then tomorrow also is inuman sessions for Dad's birthday. It's like a party-plus-bagong-dating-celebration. Then on Sunday is UAAP!! Yeyy. Lucky me it's required! Bonding with HRM 8A again! :)

I don't have a lots to tell. So, I'm out! Be back some other time!!

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