Monday, August 9, 2010

Ale-Alejandro, ale-Alejandro.

Yaaaay. It's been a long day and I'm so excited to tell you what happened this day! :)

Woke up at 8:20am (my first class is 8:30)!!! Gaaahd. So I decided not to rush myself and not attend the first class. What can I miss on Filipino subject right? :) Hahahaah. So I went to school at 9:10 cause my next class is 9:30. I got there at the right time. TOUR101 is the next subject and poof! No professor. Rawr. Then Dowy and I just walked and walked on the corridor. We went to 4th floor first then on the 2nd floor then 1st floor. We saw Mrs. Salangsang (NS104A professor) and told Dowy that she and Ady is going to take the test on Friday. Then we went back to our room. Laughtrip with Cyrus!!! OMAYGOLAAAAAAAAAY. Agua Bendita forever. Then Sir Peter (PSY101 professor) came and we discussed. The bell rang after 1 hour and uwian na!! Yeaaah. Had a run in with Purabels and Mark. :)) Then went to Thomas' house then went out again to go to SM North. Thomas, Jared and Ian took taxi. Mayaman sila. Sheila, Karl, Louisse, Dowy and I took the bus. We looked for them! Rawrr!! 2nd floor isn't 3rd floor!!! WTFF!!!

Went to West Ave. and to Kowloon House. We want to conduct an interview on Kowloon but the manager has a scheduled meeting. We'll go there again on Wednesday. Then we went back to SM North and walked and walked. :) Hahahaha. Then went to Worlds of Fun. Karl did the Dance Revo thing. Canon Rock FTW! Hahhaa. Laughed so hard. Then going home we took the Killer Bus (as said by Louisse). Hahaha. Then went home and computer na! Yeaaah. Had a great day. So much fun. Thanks guys.


P.S. Regarding the title: We we're singing Alejandro on our way home. And we're so loud! :))) Don't call my name, don't call my name, Alejandro. I'm not your babe, I'm not your babe, Fernando. Ale-Alejandro, ale-Alejandro. :))))))))))))

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  1. svi q sa inyo KILLER BUS un eh ahahha