Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Philippine Football Peace Cup 2012 Part I

Hello! Here I am again, writing a story that happened last Saturday, September 29, 2012.

I watched the last game day in the Philippine Football Peace Cup 2012 with my brother live. Not live on the TV screen but live at Rizal Memorial Football Stadium. It was a superb experience that I'll never exchange for anything.

We went out of the house at 2PM with only 200php on our pockets. We rode jeepney to LRT Monumento station. From Monumento to Vito Cruz was an hour and a few minutes more. Then we walked for a few minutes then we reached Rizal Memorial Football Stadium. OH HELLO!!!!! Then my brother has to leave me because of boyfriend duties. Hahahaha. So I watched the first match, Guam vs Macau, by myself.

Guam ~ Macau*
*Low quality photo taken from my phone

Few people we're there to watch the first match but then, those few peeps were cheering! One of those peeps who are watching is Juan Cutillas (Former Azkals and Kaya FC coach)! And they were cheering for Guam (same team I was rooting for because of Jonah Romero). He had an almost goal at around the 25th minute of the game but, yeah, he didn't score.. But they won!! 3-nil against Macau and yeah, I felt proud to watch them win. And I don't even know why. :3 The match ended at 6PM and the next match is at 7:30PM. Still, my brother is nowhere to be seen.

People came and as the kick-off time draws near, the bleachers and the grandstand gets jampacked! Lotsa people came! They even announced that viewers should be sure that they're seating on what was indicated on their ticket. And then the Philippine Azkals came out to do some warm up before the game. Then the crowd shouted!! WHOOOOOOP~ All are excited to watch the game. You have to understand that in the two matches the Philippine Azkals played, they won. And this is the last match to be played. THIS IS THE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH.

Philippines ~ Chinese Taipei

7:30PM came and the game started. And yes! We scored and early goal care of Denis Wolf!! YEHESS!! The crowd went wild!! Everybody's cheering!! And I was so happy! After a few minutes, another goal! From the one and only, Chieffy Caligdong!! Uh-yeah!! WE SMELL CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Wait, they didn't stop trying. OJ Porteria scored another goal just minutes before the halftime whistle! Champions indeed!! Still, my brother is nowhere. Poor him. >:P

Oh, btw, I saw some football players! Always hot looking Captain Aly Borromeo in his plain black V-neck shirt. *drools* Simon Greatwich!!! *drools even more* Anton del Rosario arrived with a baby (idk if it's a she or a he) which is super cuuuuuuute! And maybe Sam Richelle was with him but I didn't see her face. I just saw someone arrived with him. *dies. hahaha* Then I saw Heather Cooke holding a huge banner for her "baby" Jason de Jong! I tweeted her about it and she replied!! :D

So, um my brother arrived when the 2nd half has started. No more goals from Philippines but one from Chinese Taipei. Could've been two if it wasn't from the superb save by Eduard Sacapano on the Chinese Taipei's penalty kick! For me, he really improved a lot since... before. Thumbs up to that!

And Jonah Romero walked in front of me thrice! But I didn't have enough courage to call him. UGH. Next time, next time. On a Kaya FC game, I'll have the courage! *fingers crossed*

And the fulltime whistle sounds. Everyone was rejoicing. And to what I saw, Philippine Football is sure here to stay. Yes, it surely is. I was like a proud momma! I was really happy and.... no words can explain!

Then awarding ceremonies came next. 3rd runner-up: Macau. 2nd runner-up: Guam. 1st runner-up: Chinese Taipei. CHAMPIONS: PHILIPPINE AZKALS! Yes! WE WON! With 99 years of drought, finally, the rain came!

And we bagged the awards!! Fair Play Award goes to us! And the players got their own awards!
Philippine Football Peace Cup 2012 Golden Boot Awardee and MVP: #20 Denis Wolf
Philippine Football Peace Cup 2012 Best Goalkeeper: #88 Eduard Sacapano
Philippine Football Peace Cup 2012 Best Midfielder: #36 Matthew Uy
Philippine Football Peace Cup 2012 Best Defender: #28 Jeffrey Christiaens

Yes yes! A win is a win. But a championship award is not something that happens everyday. :) So, I'm really happy for them. They worked hard for this. All of them. Including Phil and James Younghusband whom didn't get the chance to play for the said Cup. And yeah, you're the man, Dan Palami. Thank you for believing on them. :)

So I guess that's it. Part II for the pictures but I can't do that now.

This is surely one Saturday well spent. Thank you, Philippine Azkals. You inspire me. I'll see you next time!

Happy October everyone! x
- Rachel xx