Monday, October 8, 2012


I'm supposed to be sleeping now and not in front of the computer. Due to I'm an insomniac, I'm here typing. I'm just here to tell you (rant) about things happening in my life in bullets.

  • Sembreak's almost here!! It's our last week in school which means Exam's Week/Hell Week. T_T Ugh. I hate this part of studying. Mehehehe. But I'm pretty sure I'll pass on the other subjects except for Marketing. Huhuhu. God, help meeee!!!
  • Since sembreak's almost near, I'm doing something on my hair. I've been looking for hair inspirations since last week. I don't want a drastic change because our semestral break is just almost a month (Oct. 14-Nov. 6). And I still have to enroll for next semester which means November 6 would be October 30 or earlier. So I need something that is not too much of a change but can add that "oomph" I've been wanting to have since Summer 2012. I was looking everywhere (mainly colored hair dedicated Tumblr accounts) and I got these.

This is cute. Though the blonde part of her hair would be brown for me. x)

I love the teal/green color but I can't find a dye like that here in Philippines! I still have to order online (Manic Panic) which is TOO expensive for me.

THIS is one of the ideas I like. :)

Dip-dyed Blue!

Again with the teal/green ends!!!

I love this. I WANT THIS.

Red/Pink tips!

This is realllyyyyy cool. But I can't have that. :(
So I found these pictures and I reaaaaalllyyyy like the 6th photo but I don't know how will I do that to my hair. Then I decided I'll just do dip dye-ing.. But still in search for ideas (if you have some post the link please?)! Then while looking for ideas, I found these photos.

AAAAHHH Purple hair!! And then now I wanted to have purple hair on me! So I Google-d for purple/violet hair dyes here in Philippines..... then I saw (1) this blog post. Her hair turned violet with just that Henna Wax Color Treatment. I'M GONNA BUY ONE. But still, I have to bleach my hair or the effect won't be that vibrant. XD Though I don't know which color yet. Mehehehe. It has a lot of colors!! I searched for other reviews and I saw (2) this post wherein she used the same color (Cyclamen) but it turned out magenta-ish/fuschia pink-ish on her photos. I also found this (3) Tumblog. She used  the Red Burgundy one and based on her pictures, it turned as red as Nikita Lim's!! If only I discovered this product last summer, my hair shouldn't have faded to orangey-red! Ugh, regrets. Oh, btw, the product also has other benefits. It's supposed to treat dry, damaged hair. So.. let's see when I buy that.

So according to the first blog post I mention, when it faded it became pastel pink in color which I would loooooove to have! I was rooting for pink tips actually, but since I wont find anything like that here, I'll stick to the purple/violet one. AND I'M SUPER EGG-SOITED TO TRY THIS!!! Sorry guys, I can't hide my excitement eh. :P

  • I'm almost eighteen! 24 days left!! But still, I can't vote this 2013 Elections! T______T The registration is up until the 31st of October..... ONE DAY LEFT AND I'M EIGHTEEN!! Talk about unluckiness. :(
  • My face is bombarded with pimples. XD I'm exaggerating, sorry. Well, there are few pimples on my T-zone (forehead to nose onlyy). My chin is a disaster. T___T And so is my cheeks. :((( So I'm trying this remedy my Mum asked me to do. Hope this works *fingers crossed*!
  • I put my Instagram feed on the bottom of my blog! Finally!! Hahahaha. You guys can follow me on @shelovescolorss on Instagram :)

- Rachel xx

I haven't posted the Part II of the Azkals' game experience cause I'm still waiting for the upgrade on our internet connection :) Please bear with me. x

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