Saturday, October 20, 2012

When insomnia attacks...

Hi. :) Why am I even blogging? Lol erase. Sorry for still not posting the Part II of my Azkals game experience. I have two reasons (which are sure not valid): One, internet connection isn't upgraded yet. Two, I'm too lazy to do it. Sorry. :) But I'll post it of courseeee.

I'm writing here, because.... well, mainly because of what happened to my day earlier. And yeah some other things. So, my day started early (mainly because I was still up at 4am yesterday (Oct.19)), then kinda slept for a bit, and decided to climb out of my bed at 8am (which was the time I was supposed to be meeting up with Inah and Joseph at school). See? It's enrollment time again. One week out of school then here it is again nowwww... Ugh. Still lazy to start second semester but industrious enough to start it too because I'm broke. XD So, yeah, came to school at 9:30-ish. HAHAHA. What is super late. I waited for Inah outside the school for a while and yeah, I got a few looks. -_- Result of my dip-dyed hair (that I will blog about I don't know when ^-^). We went inside and DENG! No section opened that will satisfy our needs. XD You see, I enrolled Mandarin (without knowledge) as my Foreign Language last semester but due to some schedule conflicts, Mandarin became French (which was a blessing cause Mandarin is super hard, according to my former classmates who took that subject). And this semester, I'm supposed to take up French 2. And when we arrived, only one section was opened, and it has Mandarin for its Foreign Language.

Err so, Inah and I talked to Sir Gamier (mostly Inah actually) and asked about our situation. Then, he opened two sections!! With French and Nihongo as its Foreign Language! Yay right? But still, I need to print my grades on the portal, WHICH IS REALLY SHOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED. We have grade cards, yennow? But due to some professors are enjoying the semestral break (a.k.a. lazy), they did not encode OUR grades which was SUPPOSED to be used YESTERDAY on time. Deym. So we rented a computer on a internet cafe for 30 minutes then.... still, 5 out of 7 grades are posted. -_-" WHAT IS LAZY. Turns out we can't enroll unless all the pre-requisite subjects has its grade posted. MISIR and Banquet are the subjects with no posted grades yet. The best part? They're pre-requisites. -_-" So we just saw the schedule and....went home. Nagsayang lang ng energy.

As I went home, I found out that Banquet has it's grade encoded! Yay. Then after a few long hours, MISIR!! To kill time, I made this schedule (which I would not post). HAHAHAHA. But yeah, it was worth it. So we can enroll! And I'm (we're) going back to school this Monday! Hello Second Sem! :D

My average? 1.86. ALMOST. ALMOST THERE. So yeah, I, Rachel Anne Palma, do solemnly swear that I will study harder/more this semester to achieve higher grades. :) I, thank you. Loljk. Though I'm serious with the "I will study harder" thingy. :)

Final say? It frustrates me, though I'm happy with my grades. ALMOST THERE NA EH.

Till next time I can't sleep!
- Rachel xx

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