Monday, October 1, 2012

The Mistress + Bar Tour Part II.

As promised, here I am! Posting pictures instead of telling a story. :)
They say I look like Myrtle here :3

Ukay-ukay dress for 50php. Mum's bag.
Interior of the seminar room/bar.


Ceiling :)
Stack of Liquors

Ze gang. :)) Kirby, Me, Indi, Inah, Joseph.

© Jefrey Ormita // Ana, Adelle, Mica, Joseph, Inah, Indi and Me :)
Kuya James izzzo gwapo. :)))

Lloyd and Kuya James

Le hug. Kuya Chris and Paul :D

Paulo and Kuya JJ :D

Kuya JJ and Kris (from another section).
Lloyd and Kuya James, again.

Err. Can't remember what's this anymore. Sorry! ^^

Blowjob Cocktail

Meal toymmm. Eveything is so delicious. :3 Nom nom. Happy tummy!

Instagram pictures! :D

Inah, Indi and I.
Indi and I.

That's all for the Part II! First Bar Tour I've ever attended and it was so much fun!! Thanks to the people I was with :)

- Rachel xx

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