Friday, June 18, 2010

The past two days..

Hello! Here I am again! Blogging :) It's Friday and I don't have classes tomorrow. Thank God. My feet hurts a loooooooot. Ef-Yu
paltos. Ef-Yu much. :P

Anyway, as promised, I'll kwento what happened in the past two days (Thursday & Friday). So, here it is.

3rd day // June 17, 2010
Um, I went to school wearing civilian cause my feet hurts a lot talaga. I left home at 8am. :) Good girl meh. :P Then I went inside Ministop and bought waterrrrrrr. Then I saw Mary Joyce and I sat beside her. :) Of course! Hindi kami nag-usap. Di pa kami ganun ka-mag-kakilala or close. :))))) Ngitian pa lang alam namin. Then Eeiah came and Jholan (I think that's how he spells his name). Then a lot of classmates came in, yung iba nasa labas pa. :))) So ayun, later that we went outside na. Then waited for Jillian to came. So tagal! :))) We're almost late. But they're friends of course. The prof came in after a few minutes I'm inside the classroom. The seating arrangement changed at NS 104A. Seatmate is Karl and .... Ugh! Can't remember her name. :))))))) So that. Nothing so exciting happened. Oh! On PEN 2B3, I saw L.A. Abad and Kim Diaz. :] IT students! Then Carlo also. Oh! I also saw, Alyssa Gerolaga and Jeric Pernitez. :)


4th day // June 18, 2010
It's a good daaaaay. :] Want to have breakfast but I don't think I can make it. So I didn't eat again. What's the difference right? :))))) Went out at almost 8am and went to Ministop again. Aubrey and Clarissa so I stayed with them and decided not to sit with Eeiah and the others. There are so maaaaaaany of 'em. We went out when Mitch came then waited for Jillian and Dowy. Jillian came but Dowy didn't so we went in na. Typical day. Last subject Mitch, Clarissa, Jillian, and Aubrey went out. Cutting agad. DX Then went home and slept. :)

That's basically my fourth and third day. We're quite close na. :) And I'm so happy with that. And my paltos doesn't hurt so much na. Anyway, I'm outta blogger. :) Need to eat some. It's PBB na, which means it's already past 10pm. And I haven't had dinner. :))))))


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