Friday, June 25, 2010

Three-in-one :)

Haven't blogged for 3 straight days. Ohmy. I barely remember Wednesday and Thursday. Anyway, I'll try my best-est. :))))

7th day // June 23, 2010
Yey. Everything's fine except PSY101. Change in professor. The first one who attended us was an old lady. But this day? Gaaah! Our professor was a cute-slash-gwapo guy. He's so handsome, but at the same time so strict. Lahat kami naiinis sa kanya. Well, actually for me, he's quite good. But he's so perfectionist. For example, a small talking with another classmate/seatmate, he'll call your attention and embarrass you in front of everyone. >:| grr. So, after that, nothing so exciting happened. :)


8th day // June 24, 2010
Thursday is really good for me. Or Tuesday. :) Because we have EN111. Yenooow, I loooooooove English. So I patiently waited for English to come. Then English came. But. . . . WTFck. Why she isn't Ms. Orlina? GAAAAAAAAAH. Another changed professor. :( But she's fine. Except for the can't-hear-so-much-at-the-back-voice and her always-seating thing. Anyway, I still love English. :) NS 105 is effin' great! Hahaha. No classes. Just took a short quiz then dismissed! Then PEN2B3. Gah. So tamad pumasok. Sat with Eeiah, Joyce, Ian, Mich, Dowy, Rhone, Joullan, Aub, Ethel, Jillian and Lea at the Elementary canteen. Hahaha. Had fun! :) Then went to the GYM at past 1:30p. Hahaha. Then prof came and told us that we have to buy the P.E. Uniform. Yes, we went to P.E. in improper uniform. :)))) And, DUH?!!?!?!?! Wala kayang nagbebenta. >:P then went home immediately. :)


9th day // June 25, 2010
Fridaaaaaaaaay. :) TGIFTGIFTGIF! Wahahaha. Orientation today. Well, at MPH (Multi-Purpose Hall), we just took pictures all the way! Hahaha. Sat with Jillian on right and Reymart on left. He's so tahimik. Errr. Orientation finished at 11 something I think. Then went inside room. We're just 25-30 on my estimate. So many ang nag-cutting. Gah! PSY101 is fine. Though Kuya Thomas and Ian were scolded a bit. Then HRM101 was effin' great! Sabi nga namin kanina "Mas okay pag konti!". And it really was. :) So happy. Then went to some place where you can buy things from UE. IDK what it wsa cold. Near the Engineering Extension. Took pictures! Had fun with Mich, Dowy, Addy, Cyrus, Karl, Rhone and Joullan. ;) Walk at the field! Yay! Took pictures again. With the same people of course. On our way out, we passed Aub, Jillian, Lea and Ethel. They're buying P.E.. I want to buy na, but the size available is just large! Ughhh. Then took pictures again. After a while, Dowy said her wallet was lost. So we went back on our classroom and on MPH. And we found. . . nothing. :( Then outside MPH, we checked her bag again and, there it is! GAAAAAAAAH. You just made me pagod. :) HAHAHAHA. JK, I love you Dowy. :) Went down and then saw Kuya Bon, Mark, Karl and Reymart(?) I think. Hahaha. :))))) Then went out na. Went to MiniStop cause Dowy is gonna buy ice cream. When we got out, we saw Rhone. On jeep with Rhone and Karl. :) Then got home and uploaded the pics.

That's my three-day blog in one. Sarreh naman. I didn't remember eh.


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