Tuesday, June 22, 2010

:) ♥

Yeaaa. Actually, I don't have anythaaaaaaang to say. But I'll do my best to have. :))))))

5th day // June 21, 2010
It's Owen's birthdaaaaaaaay. But I didn't greet him. :P Hahahaha. So nothing so exciting happened this day. It's fun and so lamig as usual! And we went to library pala. So happy cause it's on the sixth floor of TYK Bldg. :) Then made pa-recopy with Joullan, Rhone, Arianna, Ian, Dowy, Mich, Ethel, Jillian and Aubrey. Yah. Kaming six na girls ang laging magkakasama. After magpa-recopy, we went to VM. Just Dowy, Mich, Aub, Ethel and me. Dowy and I just went to National Book Store cause I'm gonna buy refill for my G-Tech. :) Then after that, went home and did some writing.


6th day // June 22, 2010
Yey. So good this day. Nothing so exciting happened. :) But I bought the Eclipse Special of Candy Mag worth 150pesos. Gah! But worth it! I have a poster and a pin!! But I want to have the TEAM EDWARD pin. Too bad. Wala e. Got to settle for Team Jacob :x pin. And that did it. Got home and started pc-ing. :P


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