Sunday, November 13, 2011

Two-Day-Two-Post Part II: My 11/11/11.

Disclaimer: Late post.
Happened November 11, 2011.

Oh happy birthday Bestfriend!! :D
Woke up at 10:30a and my mom is already shouting like hell. As usual, galit na naman. Aga aga eh. So, I felt like she wouldn't let me go to Hershey's birthday celebration though she agreed last night. I did some chores hoping it would turn down her angry mood, and it did a bit. I was really feeling a bit sleepy and lazy to go but the I wanted to see Hershey and to celebrate this special day with her. :) I'm such a good friend, I know. But then Kirby played a huge part. I wanted to see him. Not because I want to talk about something or anything, its just that, I WANT TO SEE HIM. :)

After a few hours I decided to take a bath and get ready while Mom was out of the house. I was determined to go without Mom knowing but then when I was about to go out of the house, I saw Mom coming in our compound's front gate. Geez. Luck was on me. I wished for it when it was 11:11a. And it did happen! She let me go and I was so happy! I almost forgot my wallet though, thanks to those kids who bragged me for a hair elastic. :))) I texted Kirby to go to UE na. Found out that he's already there waiting. Haha! So I went to Mini Stop to buy water then Kirby came then I texted Nel and Hershey. Ohgreat, only Hershey replied. She said we should meet with Gab and Nel inside the campus. So we went inside and headed to the college lobby. There, we saw Nel, Gab and a guy named Ignacio (who's their classmate way back highschool). Gab didn't want to go yet. He was waiting for Hershey to come. Cause he didn't know we have a small surprise for him! Hahaha!

After a few talks, we decided to go to Liza's house and Hershey was telling me to go there faster. :)) When we came, Ivan was there and Hershey. And Liza of course. Gab blew Hershey's cake. Haha! Then we ate Pizza Hut, which by the way is so delicious despite the fact that it's cold na. Then chicken, which I didn't eat. I was still full by then from Mom's caldereta. We just talked and watched Harry Potter 1 at the same time. :D I really had a great time. Though within 1 1/2 hours I just talked to Nel and Hershey. And a bit to Ivan. Yes, I didn't talk to Kirby that much but sitting there with him by my side completes my once in a hundred years day. :")

The 1 1/2 hour is just talking, watching, and more talking. And teasing. Hahaha! Gab was really funny. He was teasing Nel and Kirby and me. Then he said "Ang saya talaga nating lima no?". He was supposed to exclude Nell out of the group. Then Nel laughed realizing Gab counted wrong. We were seven in the house: Gab, Hershey, Ivan, Kirby, Liza, Nel and Me. And Gab said five, when it should be six (excluding Nel)! So Nel and I started laughing so hard then Hershey realized it too. :))))) Gab was like "Tama naman ah?". Hahahahahaha! And we all laughed at him telling him "Anim dapat!".

At 4:30p I decided to go home (even though I didn't want to go home yet) because Mom was already calling me. They walked with me to the main road and waited for me to get in on a jeepney. Waved my goodbyes to Gab, Hershey and Kirby.

On my home was okay. At home, I immediately turned on the television knowing I'm already few minutes late for the Azkals' U23 Game for SEA Games. And poof! There's a goal already courtesy of #8 Manny Ott! Then Laos scored 2 goals throughout the match but not until the 90th minute. 10 men on the field, 1 player short. #11 Joshua Beloya scored a goal. An equaliser. Score was 2-2. Every Filipino who's watching the game got their hopes high. As high as Mount Everest, or even higher! The Philippines, who already lost 2 games can have a draw! But then, fate ran another course. In the 93rd minute (Yes, added time), Joshua Beloya -the newborn Azkal hero- scored another goal. The whistle was blown and the score was Philippines 3:2 Laos. My heart was jumping with joy, excitement, and SWAG. I was so happy and proud for the Azkals! They won their third game and may have the chance to be on the top 2 or top 1 spot! I'm like a proud mom. :) They did their best and they deserve to win.

Maybe it's Joshua Beloya's lucky day. It's November 11, 2011 or 11/11/11. And Beloya's jersey number is 11. Haha!

Well then, my day turned out to be good. Uh, wait, the BEST. :D With Azkals winning and spending the day with Hershey and Kirby and the others, uh, what more could you wish for in a regular Friday?

So umm, sorry for the long post. Thanks for reading and I'll be back more often I promise! :)
'Till next toym! ^^,

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