Thursday, November 3, 2011

HRM2C. You guys will surely be missed!

Hi there! Another sleepless night. I was sleeping a while ago downstairs. Then I woke up, and saw his text (not exactly for me. T'was a group message). It looks like he's in a bad mood and I don't know why. So much for not telling him that I'll be sleeping for a few hours. :))))

So, what have I done from 1AM to almost 5AM? Well, girl stuff. Arranged and designed my diary again. This time for the 2nd year 1st sem memorabilias (have to check Google for the spelling pa! Haha!). Papers, tickets, menu samples, etc. It was fun remembering everything that happened in the past 5 months. The feeling was.....extraordinary. Like I was living the moment once again. Sorry, my imagination is hyperctive right now. And yes! Remembering sweet moments with him though at that time he wasn't interested on me pa. :)

Then I finished my schedule that'll be posted in my room (which is already pinned now in my wall!). Just something to keep track of the time. It takes a while to memorize it :)) Also, I added somekind of 'pocket' for my new binder (given by Kirby!) at the back. So I can put my RC and some papers there. I superrrr love the design he picked. Or his mother picked? HAHA! Here's a picture! :D

So much for talking about what I did. Lemme tell you about yesterday. :)

Woke up at 8am and there was no electricity. Brownout, yes. T.T It wasn't that hot, cause it was raining a few hours before the electricity came out. I was supposed to meet Kirby and Jovi at UE at 9AM. But then, I was hoping that the lights and everything will come back in a few minutes, 9AM came and I haven't done anything to myself. :))) Time to get ready!!! Went out at 10AM. Thank God my mother let me enroll. After 20 minutes of sermon. Hahaha. K. I know I deserve it but I did great on school last sem!

I arrived at school at maybe 10:20. At 10:30 I was finished paying the down payment and I was with Jovi and Kirby na. His hair was fine. Bagay. Much better than his Kpop look. :) He then gave his gift (the binder) and Jovi's gift (a cellphone holder and a coin purse from Bohol!). Yay. Thanks guys. :D

After that we just sat and talked (well actually THEY talked. Haha!). I'm shy around people whom I don't see everyday. Like Jovi. Haha. He isn't my classmate or schoolmate. So yeah. I was just laughing and saying a few words.

We waited for Jovi's diploma to be released that time. We're at the gazeebo.. Sitting there, next to him.... :"> K ENOUGH. At around 11:30am we went to the Highschool Department again to check on the diploma and poof! It is there na! We were planning to go to Victory Mall but then, I need to go home na. I can't afford to be scolded again.

At home.. Just took a nap and texted forever and ever. Hahahaha! We were texting about what happened. He said he was sorry if I was waiting for him to say something. Natotorpe daw siya. I said, 'Di ko na nga binanggit eh. Pinaalala mo pa. Okay lang, take your time.'. And that was about his feelings towards me. Then serious convos about it followed. Arguing about: 1.) Why does he have to tell it to me personally; 2.) Why I'm still not believing him 100%; 3.) Was I scared that the same thing (last semester) will happen to me...and that's where he said "D naman kta iiwan ulet ktulad nun eh xD". K. Me already. Hahaha. I didn't know what to reply. But then the serious convo died after that. I was going to ask something pa naman! About him and Liza. :)))))

Yeah. So that's it basically. He made my day again.

So long, blog reader!
I'm excited! School's resuming next week! :D

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