Sunday, November 13, 2011

Two-Day-Two-Post Part I: Best Day Ever.

Disclaimer: Late post.
Everything here happened at November 10, 2011.

Early day start. I was supposed to go inside the school with Kirby but due to traffic, it didn't happen. So going to EN312, I saw 1C and 4C peeps. Inside our room, Reika was there talking to AC and the others. So we just talked and talked and talked while it wasn't time yet. Kirby came in a few minutes then AC said "lovelife mo anjan na". Ugh. Her tone was irritating!! Then 10:30a came and a professor came in. Mr. Gillego, Logics and Ethics. Orientation then an assignment was given. :D Early dismissal led to another hour of talking to Marben and Dale. Then Indi came and the talking buddies became larger cause Issa and Alfred joined. :D At 12nn, Statistics professor came in. She checked our RCs then gave an assignment and dismissed us early, again. Went down with AC and then canteen bound with Ivy, AC, Adelle and Jerlee. I excused myself after a few minutes of sitting with them for two reasons: 1) I was going to meet with Hershey and I decided I'll spend the free time and vacant time with her and the others; 2) I'm slowly getting irritated with AC. You don't have to know the reason cause it would be a long discussion.

So I went to the Gazeebo and waited for my company to come. After a few minutes, Nel and Gab came. Then Kirby. Gab and Kirby played PSP while Nel and I talked about random things. Then Gab started joking around. He said that Kirbs should punch Nel :)))) Kasi daw inaagaw daw ako (eh kinakausap lang naman ako). Hahaha! We transferred seats then after a few minutes Hershey came. Oh, Advance Happy Birthday Bestfriend (greetings from yesterday)! And we went to 5th floor then 4th then 5th again to finish Gab's enrollment. We were supposed to go to MISD but then Hershey insisted that I should go with Kirby cause he's doing something about dropping his PE subject (he's supposed to take Physical Fitness but then he took Arnis! :))) And PhyFit is a required PE in our school). So I accompanied him from the Comptroller's office then Cashier then Xerox-an then back to Comptroller's office again. After then we went to Old Aca. Bldg. to reunite with Shey and Gab and Nel but then, Nel wasn't there anymore. After everything about the enrollment of Gab and dropping-subject act of Kirby, we decided to go to EN Bldg. cause oour next class would be started in about half an hour. We just went to EN Library and there I gave Hershey's gift. It's a book I bought for free. Well, it's Buy1Take1 for 99 pesos. :)

She opened it there and then read my long letter for her. Nel came in and read my letter for Hershey too. After 30 minutes of talking to Hershey (and glancing at Kirby from time to time. HAHA!), it's 3pm and Kirby and I need to go. We went outside and some classmates were there. Including Indi, so I went to her and talked like there's no tomorrow. :))) No professor came and the time passed without us (Indi and I) knowing. Ahhh, it's so great to spend time again with Indi. I'm comfy with her. I can talk to her about almost everything (unlike with AC).

We just went inside the room while there's still 20 minutes left I think? Then Mia and Van Dale came in. We just talked and talked until 4:30p. After that we just went down and looked for Shey, Gab and Kirby. They were at MISD so we went there straight. Still talking of course. Hershey reprocessed her RC and they were done when we got there. Then we went down and left Indi at the Gazeebo cause she's waiting for Eli.

TYK Lobby. We just sat there talking and laughing. Haha! That's up until 5:30 when I have to go home na. They just walke me to the gate and we said our goodbyes. :D

At home, I just went to our rooftop and watched the moon while texting with Kirby. :) It was relaxing though it was super cold and I was wearing sando and shorts. Hahahaha! Watched TV and texted throughout the night. When I was about to sleep, I asked my mom if I can go to Hershey's birthday celebration and she said "O sige, bahala ka. Itext mo yan sa Papa mo ah". Then after that I slept, hoping for a good day tomorrow. :)

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