Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What happened in Divi?

Goodmorning. Again, I can't sleep. There will be school again later afternoon. And ugh, I hate this feeling of being nervous about first day which will turn to not sleeping throughout the day! ARGHHH!

Change topic. Yesterday, Mommy and I went to Divi to buy stuff and after hours of walking and walking and more walking..we bough 2 cute shirts and food. Hahahahhahaa. WhattheEFF right? I know! I can't find a shoe/sandals that has my size eh. So we'll go to Ever Gotesco Mall this Friday cause I don't have classes that day. Then planner? Ugh. Mom wouldn't let me. Guess I'll buy at National Bookstore nalang. So there. We ate Greenwich ang bought McFloat and Sundae on the way home. At home I just slept and woke up at 9:30PM-ish. And up until now I'm awake. It's almost 4:30AM!!!! Ughhhh. K so I'll try to sleep now.

I'll tell you guys about my first day of 2nd semester later! :)

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