Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hello there! I can't sleep so I decided to blog. :) It's November 1 here and another year has been added to my age. Yes, today is my wonderful birthday. :)

Greetings has been given to me by so many people na. Some through text, FaceBook wall post at tweets. I think I should post all the text greetings here. :)

Michelle Arieta: 2days nlan bday mu na bhe,,advance happy happy birthday cassie ;)

Windell Vega: Hahah. Hapi b.day nalang pre. Hahahaha. Wala nga akong pera e. T.T ADVANCE HAPI B.DAY SAYO PRE :))

Giemil Manese: advance happy birthday ulet. hahaha

Shean Kirby Yangco: Advance :)

AC Merto: Advance happy birthday cassie beh.beh. Haha. God bless more birthdays to come. Yan ah. Nakitext pa talaga ko para batiin ka. Haha. Labyu. IMY so much. -EYSI.MO:-*

Those who greeted past 12am of November 1:
Michelle Arieta: Happy happy birthday rachelle anne (cassie/bhe) palma..wish you all the best ,,enjoy your day,,loveyou mua,,always takecare Godbless ;)

Peter Tolosa: HBD besh ! ü 12:01 mn na eh .

Dale Laurea: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cassie "POGI"! :D Ingat palagi. God Bless. more bdays and blessings to come. wish you all the best. Goodnight. Sweetdreams.:D happy halloween.

Jomar Teran: CASSIE HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! ingat ka lge..

Ina Flores: Happy Birthday Sis. Iloveyou. <3

Windell Vega (he texted 3 times): Happy birthday pre :))

Jonjovi Caronan: Happy birthday

Laurence Baculpo: Happy birthday nay :) i love you :* tsup tsup . enjoy your day nay hehe..

Zebastien Gozo: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASSIE! :> GODBLESS. Aral mabuti ha. Keep safe.

Hershey Yao (it was part of her Group Message): Happy birthday rachel anne tanjueco palma. a.k.a Ranne, Cassie, chel. :)

Patrick Meilat: Ako pa. Happy Birthday :)

Edwardson Ruiz: Happy halLoween and happy happy birthday to you cassie ! Ready nako for your halLoween celebration. Haha . Italy ! Hahaha . Mua .

Precious Soriano: .bday! Bhe i dclare ful of blessings and many birthdays 2 cum. .labyah. Godbless .mhie.

Edrei Barroga: happy birthday cassie...:D

Joyce Garcia: Happy birthday chingu cassie! Muah saranghae!

Thank you dear friends. But then what made my day yesterday (October 31) was Kirby. I was asking him about his day and he texted:
"Masaya ang araw ko pag anjan ka XD hahaha. Ayos naman. Kmaen kna"
ASDFGHJKL KILIG TO THE BONEZZZZZZ. Ohmy. I didn't expect his answer to be like that. :))))

I know this post is turning into a useless one. Haha.
Hey giuse! I recommend you to listen to this song of Maldita called Iyo Ya Lang Era. It's such a great song. :)

Well that's all! Maybe I'll edit this or post another one to tell you guys about today. K? Byeee. :)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Enjoy the vacation.

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