Monday, October 18, 2010

Birthday plans.

My birthday is on 13 days if today and my birthday is not included! Or 2 weeks if you include today. :) I made some plans. Yeah. So here. (Format: I want something. Proper noun to be exact.)

1. I want a birthday cake. Sansrival to be exact. I don't like cakes that much eh. Yeeaah. But I don't know where to buy. Either Red Ribbon or Goldilocks. Wait. I just checked Red Ribbon's site and there's no Sansrival. :( Oh, wait. I just saw it. Muntanga lang ako. I'm also at Goldilocks' website. And I just found out that they have branches outside the country!! :)

So that's the picture on their website. :) P520 pesos. :D Expensive. I don't think my parents will allow me to buy one. I have so many wishes on this particular birthday..

Btw, I didn't find any Sansrival on Goldilocks' website. Maybe I'm just so lazy on clicking all the possible categories. :))) I want an eggpie na din. :))) Worth? I don't know.

Or maybe I'll settle on this. P350.00 for the Junior Size and P550.00 for the Regular Size. :)

2. I want an Ice cream. Cookies and Cream to be exact. Yeah. I'm craving for this particular flavor of ice cream. Yeeeeeeh. We buy ice cream, but they, uh no-my mom, doesn't want Cookies and Cream. So I'm so getting this on my birthday. Yeheeeeeey!! :D And we had an agreement that there would be one ice cream (1.5 liters) for each of us. But I want 3 liters. To check my limit on eating ice creams.

3. I want a pizza. Hawaiian Pizza to be exact. So I decided to make one on my birthday! I'll buy ingredients on October 30 or 29. :D This would be great! ;)

4. I want a gift. Tripod or laptop to be exact. Well, that wasn't exact but, any of the two would be okay. :D

That's all I can think about for now! :D KBYENAOO!


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