Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Birthday wishlist.

Um, yeah. My birthday is near. On November 1 I'll be 6TEEN!!! :D I'm super excited. And, oh, here's my wishlist. :)

- shoes. heels, boots, sneakers.
- dress.
- tripod. I need one so that I can take pictures of myself using self timer!
- tie. Necktie. Haha!
- Blackberry. :)
- DVD of Heroes Season 2 & 3
- chocolates
- flowers yeah. If you're gonna give me make sure it's what I want/love.
- own laptop
- accessories! lotsa! necklaces, headbands, bracelets.
- FMCC shirt.
- birthday cake
- Cookies n' Cream Ice Cream. 3 liters just for me!
- mp3 player
- headphones / earplugs - preferably headphones
- beats by dr. dre!!!!
- small speaker for my room but it should be loud!
- to be in a rock concert
- freedom!!
- lovelife!!
- ballpens

Those are just some. I'll add when I come to think of something! :) I'll blog better tmrw. Bye!

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